Game not showing up in installer

  • I've followed the discord FAQ and all the advice in the support section. No available solutions at the moment. Ive also waited a few days and it still has not shown up. Im a twitch partner and was given my code a few days ago and was really hoping to get into this asap.

    Twitch ID: FightSolFight
    What version of Windows are you using?: Win10
    The amount of physical RAM in the machine: 16gb
    What video card(s) are you using?: Nvidia Gforce GTX 1060
    Did you update your video card driver?: Yes
    Are you running or streaming anything in the background?: No
    Did you update your network driver?: Yes
    Wired or WiFi?: Wired
    What time zone are you set to?: EST

  • Global Moderators

    Thanks for all the info, I'm sorry Breakaway isn't showing up in your Library after you redeemed your code!

    I've opened a case with the information you provided so our specialists can look into this for you.

    Any further questions can be posted in the main topic:

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