• So hope this feedback can help the game grow and be noticed for more ppl

    -the game needs more exposure and more marketing for ppl know about it and try to play it;
    -go to shows like gamescom,Pax or E3 to talk,give interviews and show some gameplay to more ppl,
    -try to polish on the gameplay of the game because its kinda clunky;
    -answer to ppl on reddit to know that you guys see it;
    -always put more content like maps,heroes and traps;
    -improve on frame rate and latency of the game;
    -dont know if you guys can but later maybe you guys could put the game on steam to have more exposure (maybe on close/open beta if possible ofc); -maybe show on a video to your players to know what you guys are doing and them know what is coming for the future of the game;
    -have a good anti-cheat ( dont know if you guys have);

    Hope this can help a little

  • Thank you for your feedback Darknessphantom.
    Be sure that we are reading all of your comments, ideas and feedback. We are striving to make the game better every day. I'll transfer this message to the rest of the team.

    -Nocnoz (Art Director)

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