Alpha weekend feedback 8/10-8/12

  • Another weekend passed and more memories made :D mostly good and some bad INC wall of text.

    1. Latency and net code was an overall improvement for my experience this weekend. There were game that i was playing on EU servers at certain times that sky rocketed my ping to 150+ and that's where i started seeing most of my lag but when i had my region changed to east and would play on that server the game felt really good and i saw the light of having perfect ping to the servers coming soon!

    2. Compositions and the word that is used around games "cheese" So with the introduction of gallion i understand a bunch of people wanted to play him and were excited to do so but having 3 gallions on one team at a time is very frustrating to play against or play with. This happens with all of the characters you can simply just be like "hey lets all play sai and lol them" what i hope happens soon when more and more warriors get introduced is that we have a lock on how many people can select the same warrior on the team.. This will also help new players kind of get used to the drafting part of breakaway and from the get go get them used too playing with a well rounded team composition. I'm not saying that there has to be a traditional comp every game because if played correctly you can play without a tank/healer and still win the game I'm just stating that 3 or 4 of the same warrior in a game is a bit silly.

    3. Gallion needs nerfs moving forward into this next week of alpha.. He can tank,heal an absurd amount and he does more damage than damage dealers. His defensive needs to be toned down at least 25% less HP, His ult needs to do way less damage and he needs way less HP to start.. I know you guys wanted to approach him as a front line healer but he can be 3 roles in one at the moment. His kit is amazing and i love the dynamic that he brings to the game he just needs his numbers reduced a bit.

    4. Breakaway is amazing and i love playing it every weekend and i can't wait to play everyday! Keep up the amazing work AGS and cheers to more weekends of breakaway <3

    P.S esports esports esports ;)

  • Thank you for the feedback Eternal!

  • @nocnoz <3

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