Alpha Weekend Feedback 8/17-8/19

  • Hey everyone, lets compile feedback here so that we can more easily reply to and confirm issues or items across the weekend.

    The first major topic of patch:
    Increase in Base Dmg / Decrease in Armor = Very Low TTK

    The second major topic of the patch:
    Relic shield

    The third major topic of the patch:
    Relic Pick-up (RMB)

    General Issues:

    • Loss of Frames
    • Network drops

    First the TTK is way low, I'm not sure if the overall aim was to make the game more "brawly" or just a light experiment in lowering TTK, but from a viewer stand point mostly, the TTK looks way too low. People are dying left and right, I can only imagine that team wipes are much more possible in competitive play with well executed wombo-combos. At the moment it feels like there is significantly lower counter-play. I can understand the nerf to armor, but not quite sure that base dmg needed to be buffed. It would of been better if the armor nerf was done without changes to base damage, then see from feedback if base damage really needed a buff. I assume the Devs wanted to lower TTK overall, but when you get this drastic of a change it's hard to gauge both as a player and viewer if it was too much.

    I like the use of a threshold and how the Relic Shield was implemented. I think this literally is a "taste" issue of if you prefer this over simply dropping the ball or "popcorn'n". I think this from a viewer standpoint makes passing and general teamwork more important, while still being able to punish people too heavily focused on the ball.

    RMB Pick-up, I think is needed. It's probably awkward for many, but it requires a bit more coordination for the trade off of adding a bit more depth to the "ball" game.

    Your thoughts?

  • The only feature which feels weird and more of a chore is asking for the pass.. The way it was previously was perfect

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