Alpha weekend 8/17-8/19 feedback

  • This is a huge patch and so many changes were made!! I'm gonna talk about each major change and what I like dislike about them!

    Shields: So this is a huge change and I'm still on the fence about not having it. It's good because it creates another dynamic to the game right but is it needed? The way it was before it was just 1 hit and you fumble the ball but now roughly it's like 2-4 hits so you fumble the ball. I know there's huge consequences when you pick up the relic with 0 shield like the crazy knockback or getting 1 shot but once the game is like this for a while people won't make the mistake of picking up the relic when it's at 0 shield. I personally loved the way it was before because you knew in your head that all it takes is 1 attack from the enemy team and the ball is fumbled! It gave me adrenaline knowing that and made scoring the ball so rewarding when you're 1v3 or 1v2 juking skills and attacks so the implementation of shields takes that away it also could be the relic throw distance because it feels like I could just walk into an enemy base tank 2-3 hits and throw the ball and score easily. Now it's not game breaking for me but the way it is now It isn't very healthy and coordinated teams will score the ball in 5-10 seconds because they can pass well and just tank attacks and score. I wonder if adding a second hit to the old system will make it feel better, so instead of 1 hit it's 2 but the second hit is team wide so we have to use it wisely and it's on a recharge or maybe when you make a power play you unlock the second charge... something I just thought of on the fly

    Relic changes: I LOVE the way the new relic feels. It feels like a bowling ball in a way it has some a nice weight and throwing the ball feels more natural! I'd love to see this relic feel,throw with the charge up mechanic we had back in the old build but with an added 2s of charge time! It felt so cool to charge the relic from the elevator and launch the ball but it was always a concern cause it didn't feel long enough so either tweaking the old system to make it longer faster or adding an extra 2s to give it that "quarterback touchdown feel to the ball throw"

    Damage and armor changes: we all know this is too broken so nothing much needed to say just revert lol!

    Movement speed change: the increase relic while holding the ball is perfect! Now adding movement speed to characters while attacking is dumb in my opinion. As a melee player I feel like I can hold down left click and play wackamole and chase people infinitely.

    Relic pickup/passing the ball: I'll say that relic pickup is a cool dynamic but I feel like it should be an option in the menu. Some people like tanks will probably will want to put it on because he's gonna be trying to fumble the ball more of the time than try to pick it up so it cancels all of your abilities and it can be crucial in a fight. Passing the ball is probably my least favorite change, having to press a button to in say "im open" it feels like a chore and half of the time people aren't doing it anyways and it sucks that if you don't press the button the ball is still gonna get passed to you because on the other players screen it give them the option too pass it to whoever... so the ball is just gonna pass itself to the ground as in the other build yeah some people might not be expecting the pass but it passes to them and they catch it so they're like oh okay I have the ball let's move it forward now!

    Goal: perfect change and it's 10x better than before

    It feels like a whole different game and some are good and some still need testing! My perfect build with all these changes would be

    1. 1 hit fumble relic or with 2 hit system that I mentioned above
    2. new relic feel,weight with old throw mechanic
    3. new goal
    4. revert movement speed and damage buffs
    5. passing by just pressing E not having the other person have to press a button

    I feel like I'm missing something but for now this looks good! Hope you all enjoy the wall of text xD

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