Not so happy feedback about this weekend

  • First things first, im going to be basing my feedback off of what i experienced, what i witnessed, and the patch note video made by berserker mike and zin ramu. I will start things off by summarizing what points were made exactly where inside the youtube video. If I do not have an issue with a change I will make note of it and will address it.

    so from 0:00 - 0:40 Zin goes to explain how holding the relic and having it constantly get popped out of your hand because you get hit by anything was not very fun and those in control of the ball would like to feel more power when holding the ball.

    0:41 - 0:50 Relic running and combat feel like two different things and they wish to combine the two.

    0:51 - 1:06 more control of how a character handles the ball and show clear differences between new players and old players.

    1:40 - 6:00 the first changes they show in the video goes as follows

    • how the ball is handled
    • what the relic shield is
    • what the relic shield does
    • nerfs to certain metas that evolved around the ball
    • nerfs to what you could previously do with the ball
    • new interactions that will happen due to the new relic shield

    6:05 - 7:59 a brief discussion on the changes to the buffs were made

    from 8:00 to the very end of the video is brief descriptions about core mechanics to characters and the game.

    So before I go into a heated frenzy about what I don't like in these new changes. I will start things off by saying what I DO like.

    1: The ball no longer popping out after one hit feels better, with each major update we are slowly straying away from the vanilla patch of mosh pits where someone was hitting another person to try and get the ball. The game is slowly advancing towards a patch where the game will constantly be about moving forward or even backwards.

    2: The ball handling is a perfect touch to the game. No longer will i be safely retreating with jarra only to get my position revealed because someone thought i was coming back for the ball, or im playing as argus about to go in for the kill only to get a ball thrown in my hand and the target successfully manages to escape because of it.

    3: The nerfs to sliding was understandable, especially when you're on oros and you have the ball. it makes catching you frustrating when all you had to do was slide jump to victory into someone's base. I will say though this change should be reverted for people who are not holding the ball and simply wish to use sliding to escape life threatening situations. Especially with death timers being raised so high now.

    4: The GodSpeed, as we all come to know and love was actually frustrating to be honest. The character who has the highest jump in the game, coupled with a instant knockback to anyone within range eventually became unfair as nobody could challenger her if she got the ball with her ability up near the goal. It was a free score every time.

    5: Being able to now stop people from scoring if they throw the ball is the most satisfying thing to do. I caught the ball once when someone threw it towards my goal, got the frame perfect speed boost and then darted away with the ball. Felt very rewarding and put a smile on my face.

    6: Now that you have to pass the ball and have people catch the ball it brings a very fluid and befitting mechanic to the game. Now when I see people doing those wild passes its possible for someone to jump in intercept the ball and throw a wrench into someone's plans, really good job.

    7: no more throwing the ball at an enemy and then getting free hits on them because the character automatically picks up the ball.

    Now that those ideas are out of the way it is now time for me to talk about the changes to the game that made me become furious.

    Relic Shield The idea and concept of making the ball play was dope. The execution was completely backwards and doesn't make any sense to me and goes against the three principles that makes the game entertaining.

    • Simple to understand (Which means no complex system)
    • Fluid (No awkward moments that stop the flow of gameplay)
    • Easy to play (Casuals can easily get into the game without having to suffer from learning curve)

    With the implementation of relic shield it brings in a system where you are subject to be awkwardly punished for grabbing the ball. Problem with that is in a game where its all about maintaining or moving the ball you have this weird sudden halt that can also lead into you getting killed because when your relic meter is 0 you take way more damage.

    1: this brings in a complex system because, the game is all about the ball. But if you go for the ball you are liable to being randomly punished. In no way is that fun, and it adds a "yeah but" factor, which is severely annoying and slowly shifts the game into more so of a strategy game like league or overwatch than a sports brawler.. Think about it, in league when trying to take objectives you have to poke at the enemy team, see if you can pick anyone off, fall back in signs of danger, rinse lather and repeat until you either take the objective or you don't.

    Previously in breakaway i felt like i had multiple options to play the game, i COULD go for the ball and try to score, I COULD go for the kills, or I COULD go for territory. Now I feel like im being forced to play the kill or scoring game and if neither team can do one of the two territory is there for a forced tie breaker. Its not fun in the slightest and really makes the game annoying to play.

    2: as previously stated in the first post, when you get the ball you end up in situations where you can be having the time of your life running or sliding to suddenly dying and eating a 7 second death timer, or being stunned and thrown away from the ball. I feel like we're going back to the old days of breakaway where we have the constant stop and go that we have with the old school mosh pits we had. Yes i know i stated previously that the game felt like it was moving away from that but that is only IF i don't include the relic shield.

    3: I haven't talked to anyone who is new to the game or playing it casually, but im pretty sure the relic shield is going to add an entirely new, and unnecessary complex to the game we do not need. It will drive people away because at a certain point its just going to feel like we're playing some sort of strategy game, with some sports elements on the side because you have to play some weird mini game around a dangerous mechanic that can cause you to lose if you don't play it right.

    With that said I have two suggestions.
    1: completely remove relic shield
    2: completely overhaul the relic shield.

    The major problems with Relic shield is

    • "If your team picks up the Relic while the Relic Shield is at 0%, the carrier will take double damage from any attacks and be knocked into the air away from the Relic."

    • "Each round, the Relic Shield counter increases by 20 points."

    • "As long as the Relic Shield is in effect, the Warrior carrying the Relic does not take damage"

    • Damage being boosted across all the characters

    • armor being reduced for all the characters

    • movement speed / sliding being nerfed (in movement speeds case only when hit with the ball.)

    [I know these last three issues are not apart of the relic shield, but they do contribute to the problems i have with it.]

    On top of damage being boosted, we also have movement speed nerfs, and sliding nerfs. Which makes escaping a lot harder in nearly every situation. Throw in damage boosts for when your meter is down and now you have everyone popping like a balloon touching a razor blade. On top of all this, i feel like the buffs to running the ball also spawned some major buffs to damage to try and create some form of awkward balancing but that is more so speculation and i have no way to prove it so what I will now do is give quick suggestions on how to fix the problem with the system.

    Relic Shield suggestions:

    • "If your team picks up the Relic while the Relic Shield is at 0%, the carrier will be knocked into the air away from the Relic." Reason: If we're going to keep the damage buffs, armor nerfs, movement speed nerfs, and sliding nerfs. There is no reason to add a damage received penalty for running the ball or trying to move it away. I will say being knocked away is ok because this prevents people from just getting up after getting knocked down and instantly grabbing the ball

    • "The Relic Shield is a flat 150." Reason: this gives a level playing field for both teams and will make it more easy and comfortable to play with.

    • "As long as the Relic Shield is in effect, the Warrior carrying the Relic can now use the Relic to parry an attack / ability or push an opponent back in exchange for some of their meter. If the carrier does not have meter, they will be unable to use the Relic to parry. The relic shield will also now grant a small damage reduction of 5% or 10% but will lose this when the meter is at 0" Reason: this adds a new dynamic to the game, and makes the potential for more exciting plays rather than having a free get out of jail free card. Where players who can utilize the relic properly can continue running with the ball and helps squishy characters survive / protect themselves so they can't be dog piled and killed.

    My stance on relic shield: Completely remove it, or come to an understanding that the current system is awful and unfun to play and makes the game very upsetting and that it requires changes that we can all come to agree with.

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