Warrior Concept - Issiv the Frostbitten

  • Issiv the Frostbitten
    Role: Mage
    Passive: Skates on snowy ground, slightly increasing his movement speed
    Design: [ Reference ]

    Weapon (LMB) - Snowball
    RMB - Hold down to draw a snow path that lasts 5s (Can cast two times)
    [ Reference ]
    Q - Stomps foot, causing ice to erupt upward out of all snow-covered areas, damaging enemies in standing within the snow. (Ability is locked if there is no snow on the ground)
    E - Fire a mid-sized snowball that splatters out in a cone upon hitting a target, damaging enemies and covering the ground
    [ Reference ]
    R (ult) - Issiv forms a large snowball above his head. It is channeled for 1.5s and erupts if CCed or canceled early, surrounding the player in snow. The area gets larger depending on how long it is channeled. The snowball can be thrown if fully channeled, exploding and stunning enemies within the initial radius

    Buildable: Snow globe shoots out snowballs that slow people, freezing them for 2s if they get shot 3 times. (It doesn’t fire very quickly so unless you’re really sticking around, you’ll just catch maybe 2 hits)

    Issiv wandered up the coldest mountain in the world that endlessly rises, following an attractive wanderer. This wanderer intentionally lured him up the mountain to test how far he would go before giving up. Instead, Issiv ended up on the verge of death after losing his arms, and nearly his legs, to the cold before finally losing the ability to keep dragging himself through the snow.
    Impressed by his endless will to climb, he was rescued by the wanderer who actually had power over the mountain and was the one who made it grow endlessly taller and colder. Now with the power of snow aiding him, Issiv is on the playfield with the drive to return to the mountain to finally reach the top and meet his love again.

    lol at ball(s) getting censored.

    Feel free to give me feedback, ideas for warriors you'd like to see in the game, etc etc.

  • Wouldn't placing 3 Snow globes very close guarantee freezing a single target if no other targets are close?

  • Nice to see another player that likes co conceptualize warriors. I've posted 2 different, very in-depth warrior concepts in this forum already and I would like for you to go more in-depth with this concept.

  • @bilib90 Fair point, but that would be the enemies fault for allowing buildables to stack up like that throughout the rounds

  • @bboyonce Not really, also if 3 pick Issiv than they can't do much about it.

  • @bilib90 This is part of the reason why you shouldn't be able to choose more than one of the same character. But either way, it can be coded so that buildables from different players don't stack so that you don't get insta-stunned.
    But it definitely is the enemies fault if they allow one characters buildable to stack up throughout each round. Especially if it's a threat. That's like allowing a Thorgrim wall to sit on the sides of the map and allowing it to inhibit the cliff jump every round. If somethings causing a problem, you should have a player on your team that will be focusing those buildables.

  • @bboyonce I don't think it's good design to force someone to fight the buildables. By doing so you limit the game to 3v4. Also if the team with Issiv manages to get win the first round fast (maybe just by luck) you don't have enough time to fight the first Snow Globe which leads to already having 2 of them. Sure you don't get instant-frozen but with the second "barrage" (of 2 hits) you are already stunned and have the first stack of the second stun so the 3rd barrage leads to another stun (or freeze). So you are already frozen for 4 seconds before the 4rd barrage comes in.
    By the way what cooldown for the shoots do you have in mind? Also will they do any damage?
    Or maybe this can be solved by simply giving a brief immunity to the freeze effect after getting frozen.

  • @bilib90 That's not exactly what I meant by having a character focusing the buildables. Characters like Kyra, Rawlins and Spartacus have side jobs where they will go clear some buildables while their team is distracting the enemies. It's just part of their contribution to the team. It's not like you're gonna have a character that just sits in base until the enemies place a buildable.
    I'm no master of balance, nor am I a game designer so I don't know the process it would take to make this buildable balanced. That being said, things like giving it a short range (so you can easily fight one without the other targeting you), making the slow or stun wear off quickly, adjusting the attack speed of it, etc. etc. can make it more balanced and less annoying to deal with. I'm not sure that it even needs to do damage, as the slow can be very effective in itself. Even just making it so 2 buildables by the same person don't stack so you'll just get double slowed twice and then get stunned once

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