Warrior Concept 3: The Wanderer

  • Well, the title explains it all. This is my third warrior concept that is on this forum. I intend for this concept to be a very fun warrior with very good killing potential. I call this warrior The Wanderer. Honestly, I only conceptualized this warrior because I couldn't participate in the School of Dunk because of a lack of people and that I was never picked and then I got bored. ButtaButtaJam, next time take precautions so that people don't have to sit out an event because there weren't enough people.

    Appearance: It's appearance is very strange. It has the figure of a human, however, he has no physical body whatsoever. He is pitch black and the fog swirls around in the shape of a human. He has bright, pale eyes and does not speak. He can stretch and shrink and morph his mist form at will.

    Lore: Many people say that The Wanderer is the soul of a lost treasure hunter who died in action. Others say it is a vengeful spirit looking for revenge. Nobody knows who or what it is, but they know one thing. Many people have gone missing after supposed reports of seeing The Wanderer. The people that didn't go missing are said to have been very weak after encountering it.

    Primary Attack:

    It's primary attack is a very powerful attack that stuns the enemy and drains their health. This attack has a very short range and is incredibly powerful. The attack does 80 base damage and has a built-in lifesteal. He automatically heals 50% of the damage this attack does. The attack doesn't instantly do 80 damage, it is more of a damage over time attack, except that this is much quicker and much more powerful. This attack keeps the enemy stunned for 2 seconds and drains 40 health per second for those 2 seconds. The attacked enemy has some time to run away because you can only use the attack every 3 seconds (the cooldown clock does not stop when draining health). This gives an attacked enemy 1 second to get away.

    Right Click/Defensive Ability:

    The Wanderer's right click is very similar to Argus' Siege Engine buildable. This ability would send an illusion(fake Wanderer) down a straight path. The illusion will steer slightly if there is an enemy or buildable in the area. If there is nothing within a decent radius of him, he keeps moving forward. If the illusion hits a wall/permanent structure/part of the map, it disappears. If it hits a player or buildable, it will drain its health at a rate of 20 damage every second for 5 seconds. The Wanderer heals 50% of this. He can heal more if more life-steal is purchased in the shop.

    Q Ability/Ability 1:

    It's Q Ability is a long-ranged variant of his primary attack. The Wanderer stretches his arms outward and attempts to grab This ability does 20 more damage, has a much longer range, and pulls the target strait to The Wanderer. It is very similar to Roadhog's hook. This ability is NOT hitscan and is similar to a medium speed projectile. Upon hitting an enemy, it pulls them back and they have their health drained from them. This ability is fairly powerful and has a 25s cooldown. It would do 100 damage over the course of 2 seconds while stunning them. This ability is called Shadow Reach.

    E Ability/Ability 2:

    It's E Ability is a very unique ability. For its E Ability, The Wanderer teleports out from the ground a medium distance. This ability sounds like a regular movement ability, however, if it teleports directly under an enemy, they will instantly be killed regardless of their health. He heals the amount of health that the enemy had before they died. This ability has a very small insta-kill radius, thus you have to be right under them to be able to kill them. This is also good for getting in the backlines of enemy teams of for escaping a fight. This ability can not be buffed by anything that the player buys. This ability is very powerful and can be very lethal in the hands of an experienced player. I think that a reasonable cooldown for this would be 30 seconds. I call this ability Dark Ascent.

    R Ability/Ultimate Ability:

    The Wanderer's ultimate ability was something that took me a lot of time to think about. It is hard to think of a unique ultimate ability for warriors, especially for a warrior that does so much damage and life-stealing. The Wanderer's ultimate ability is the ultimate lifesteal attack. The Wanderer latches on to a target. This will drain the targets health at a rate of 50 damage a second for 5 seconds. The Wanderer heals all of this. The player controlling The Wanderer also gets control over the target, allowing the player to jump off the ledge for a free kill. If you are to jump off of a ledge, The Wanderer would spawn back on the side as if he was the relic. The ultimate only lasts for 5 seconds, but those 5 seconds allow for a lot of healing and possibly a free kill. This ultimate is very powerful and should have a horrifically long cooldown. I think that 50 seconds is an appropriate cool down for this ability. I call this ultimate Possession.

    1 Button/Buildable:

    The Wanderer's buildable is very similar to Gallion's buildable. The Wanderer creates a misty construct that tethers any player that gets to close. Once the buildable locks on the a target, it will drain their health at a rate of 5 damage per second. The Wanderer would be healed all of the damage that the buildable does. The buildable would have fairly low health.


    Even though I have made 2 other warrior concepts, I still have no idea what to put in this section except for health and movement speed. I think that he would be a fairly balanced character healthwise. I think that a reasonable amount of health would be 400 because of his very slow and short ranged attack. This would make it so that a medium ranged warrior could take him out fairly easily. I think he would move at an average speed or a little slower than average. He is called The Wanderer not The Sprinter. I think his role would be Nuker because as far as I can tell, Nukers deal lots of damage, and The Wanderer deals LOTS of damage. I think he would have a difficultly of 2 stars.


    The Wanderer is a very high damage, slow attacking warrior. He is very useful for dealing high damage when it is needed and he can survive long on the battlefield because of his built in life-steal. He is looking for something, and unfortunately for you, that something is in the arena.


  • I'm going to do a livestream of me making some quick concept art with MS Paint at around 9pm est. twitch.tv/thepigthatcriedrii

  • My artist friend has once again been called upon to help me make concept art for this. Expect this art within 2 months, as Scales' art is still being worked on.

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