Many bugs

  • Hello,
    first of all i want to say, that I really like the game.

    But while I was playing I found sometimes some Bugs:

    1. Sometimes the Matchmaking is loading, but doesnt find enough players. If you stop than the Matchmaking and start
      it again, it finds an game within some seconds
    2. The Gold you have earned doesnt show before first match of the gaming-session
    3. If you lost connection it doesnt seem to be possible that you can rejoin the match
    4. The relict have sometimes quite strange physics
    5. Some emojies only show :wink: or other "cryptic" messages

    Not directly a bug, but an needed feature:
    An speechchat to talk to the other to create better tacticts :)

    My settings:
    Twitch ID: yellowphoenix18
    Version of Windows: Windows 7
    Amount of physical RAM: 16GB
    Video Card: GTX770
    Runnging or streaming anything in background? no
    Wired or wifi? Wired
    Time Zone: GMT+2

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    @yellowphoenix18 Thank you for the feedback and the bug reports, I'll get this to our Devs.

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