Alpha Weekend Feedback 8/24-8/28

  • Hello Everyone!

    A few things from this weekend that I have seen.

    1. The melee damage characters are still sticky when you are trying to peal away.

      • What I mean by this is their attack is too fast still. Argus, Jarra, and Chiyome are all too fast with their attacks. They are still able to kill you in your base while you are healing and can still kill you with an ultimate and an ability.
    2. Kyra's primary attack can still be shot twice while jumping, shooting, and immediately crouching.

      • This is used more often then not, and when you try to use other ranged characters it does not work. I don't know if this is a feature only to Kyra, but might be something to look into.
    3. Relic Glitches through the map when it is thrown.

      • The relic sometimes glitches through the map when thrown which in turn throws people off. It goes to the last place the relic was tossed. This has been clipped in the discord for reference.
    4. On the new map, The Dread Shore, When placing a buildable on one of the edges, the buildable disappears.

      • Mainly on the left side of the base. Video is in the Discord for reference.
    5. The Dread Shore MVP Champion.

      • On the map, the person who gets MVP at the end of the match can see their champion in the top right corner of the score board. Maybe all that needs to be done is placing the Character in a different spot? maybe on the pedestal right by base. Just an idea...
    6. Chiyome

      • The primary attack does slow to the character trying to run away.
    7. Jarra's pounce ability goes a little further graphically and then rubber bands backwards.

      • Video is in the Discord for reference. Jarra uses her pounce ability and then jumps back like that was the distance it was supposed to go before.
    8. Sounds are still coming in very loud on some of the characters.

      • The Attacks sound like they are right next to you instead of off in a distance. I saw it on Rollins last week, and I was hearing them on A few of the melee characters this week.

    Good things about this weekend.

    1. The Dread Shore and Chiyome!

      • A lot of people are loving the new map and character! Good Additions to the game!
    2. The gameplay felt a lot more balanced!!!

      • The damage was balanced out again, which made it easier to play the game. Which in turn balanced out the Relic Shield.
    3. All the new players!

      • Gamescom was a very good way to announce the game to EU members. Brought in more of a crowd and filled servers nicely. Queue times were very nice due to the new traffic.

    Not much else can be said about this weekend. Can't wait to see what happens next week! See you guys on the Battlefield next week!

    Thanks guys!

  • I thought the pounce ability was just problems with the synchronizing with the server because I have that problem also on other occassions (like just moving around sometimes) but yes that one ability seems to be extra problematic sometimes.
    Is it normal that you seem to escape Merrick's 360° attack and still getting sucked back? Had that one oftener as I'd like and seemed to be desynchronized to me but now I'm not so sure anymore.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks for the feedback!

    • Balancing melee characters is hard. We want them to be able to deal damage and feel fluid and fast, but not be able to stick too much. This week we removed the slowdown that melee was causing people who got hit. I think that helped a lot, but they may still be a touch too sticky. We'll keep our eye on it. Keep letting us know what you think

    • Thanks for the note on Kyra, I've sent that to the gameplay team and they'll track it down and fix it, that is definitely not intended.

    • Relic glitches, we think we found the issue that was causing it to go through the world. The fix we are making will likely improve this also. The fix won't be in this week, but will be in next week, so check it out then and let us know if its improved.

    • Dread shore buildable bug. Thanks I'll forward the bug on to the level team. If possible, putting the video and a quick post on the bugs forum, is a better way to let us know about bugs than the discord.

    • Chiyome's primaries should not be causing a slow down. We'll fix as soon as possible.

    • Jarra's Q - yeah I've seen this bug also and we are working on a fix, its a tough one because of how fast she moves. We're trying some alternate solutions, but no breakthrough yet.

    • Sounds - thanks for the note, I haven't seen this yet, but will forward it to our sound team and see if we can figure out what's going on.

    Thanks again for the feedback, we'll try to get to them all as soon as possible.

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