ButtaButtaFeedback #8

  • ButtaButtaFeedback #8

    What’s up everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed this last weekend’s test block, I know I did. This weekend’s build was a big improvement on last week’s build from my perspective, both due to some of the changes and just getting more comfortable with the new gameplay. I didn’t leave a feedback last week, as I wanted to get more time with this iteration of the game before providing my thoughts.

    The Good

    • Dread Shore is a fantastic map. While I would have liked it to not be completely symmetrical, the 3 dimensional play and tight spacing on the map is tons of fun.
    • Map easter eggs! I love the bone pile of the dead pirate and the hunt that took place on twitter. More of that kind of stuff to pull us into the maps, or things like Hearthstone does with the little intractable corners with various effects would be cool. Like if there was a pile of bones out in the open and we hit him with attacks 5 times he comes to life and shakes his fist at us, fun stuff like that.
    • Chiyome is a good addition to the game. Not quite as meta-shaking as Gallion, but she serves her purpose imo as an assassin between Jarra and Argus. I haven’t seen many run her in organized play yet, although my team didn’t get much in this weekend outside of School of Dunk. Would like to hear if others had success with her but she seems a bit too readable and squishy to be a playmaker.
    • Melee slow removal was necessary with the damage buffs. A melee can still get a couple of swings on a fleeing target with good timing, and are extremely effective against CC’d targets.
    • Argus adjustments were enough, coupled with the melee slow removal, to bring him back down to Earth imo. He remains a solid pick.
    • I’m comfortable now with the damage boost and armor removal. It was a bit shocking at first, but after having an adjustment period it just comes down to having to know when to play safe and when to be aggressive. Before I could faceroll as a Tank on the relic and just shove it forward, now I will get annihilated if I try that on people who can react.
    • Throwing into the relay is phenomenal! Increased skill cap is what I’m all about!
    • The Relic Shield! The shield feels like a good change overall and I'm getting more and more used to "dealing" with it. Still has some moments of feeling helpless to stop a push inside of our base at times, but personally I'm fine with it in its current state.

    The Bad

    • Party system is still really annoying to deal with. Not sure how much of that you guys have control over in terms of speed and reliability or if it depends on the Twitch team’s API’s, but using the friends list, inviting to group, accepting invites and friend requests, the whole experience is just frustrating for the most part.
    • The UX of the friends list needs work. I’ve removed at least 3 friends trying to quickly invite them to group, simply because it said they were online but the Invite to Party button wasn’t there and my muscle memory caused me to click the first option.
    • Give us a UI to select matchmaking regions, or just make it so I can NEVER play on an EU server.
    • Jarra’s pounce still suffers immensely from latency and stuttering at long distances. It’s to the point that I almost never use it for a long distance pounce, only short range followups to already-cc’d opponents.

    The Ugly

    • While I appreciate that my client doesn’t itself stutter and skip, playing on a laggy server means everyone around me is moving their characters in a slide show. I can provide twitch clips to show this behaviour.
    • Ball falling through terrain. This sort of thing can’t be happening, especially as this game gains momentum and more viewership. It’s super distracting for viewers, and can shutdown or even counter a good push for a team.
    • Some errors are still rearing their ugly heads, but they seem mostly networking related (Rocky Road / Green Tea). While it’s great that clients don’t seem to be crashing, still some work that needs to be done to minimize or get rid of these issues as they shouldn’t be acceptable.

    Overall balance wise, I think my only issue currently is that tanks feel a bit underpowered, but that could just be a meta thing with finding the right composition for them. It currently seems better to bring a Gallion or Argus built defensively as your “tank”, as their kits bring more usefulness to the team. Just an observation at this point, wouldn’t act on it just yet unless others have insights into whether or not this is an issue.

    Again, overall I am super happy with this iteration of the game, the servers were mostly lag free (on US), and the client was extremely stable for me. I feel like the team can start flexing on gameplay adjustments and UI/UX now that most of the stability issues are minimized, and it’s very exciting!

    Thanks for reading - as always, catch me on Twitch and Twitter.

    Also be sure to check out Breakaway Taught Quick if you're just coming into the game - I’ve been slacking on it this past week or so, but I intend to rectify that this week! Upcoming episodes include intermediate buildable strategy, character breakdowns, UI navigation, and more!

  • @orillie

    Server Select Console Command: We've added a console command that allows party leaders (or solo players) to manually select the Breakaway server they connect to. To use this feature, bring up the console by pressing ALT and ~, then type "forcematchmakingregion <region>" with <region> replaced by us-east-1 , us-west-2 , eu-central-1 , or best (the default option, which allows our matchmaking service to pick the best available server).

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Thanks again for taking the time to put this feedback together. I read them every week and send out relevant parts to many team members, so keep it up - its helping make the game better.

    • Thanks for the kind words on the Dread Shore, the art and design team came together to create something that I think adds to strategic diversity of our maps and creates a cool, creepy experience that looks fantastic. Its also our first map with an immortal in it. All future maps will have them, and eventually we are going to retro fit them into the old maps (here's an easter egg for you - see if you can find where on Shire of Auros the immortal might go in the future).

    • Glad we're getting the balance closer to where it needs to be. Balance will continue to evolve as players learn to maximize their characters and we introduce new characters, so keep sending feedback, and we'll keep tuning things. Our high level goal is that tons of team comps are viable and many different play styles can be successful (run, combat, sustain, burst, etc.) Let us know if we miss the mark.

    • Party system is on our list, we know the experience is sub-optimal and are working on it. First goal is to fix the bugs and errors, then we will get around to improving the UX.

    • For matchmaking regions, for now please us the force region console command. We are investigating automatically eliminating really bad regions for players and giving players options to do it in the UI, but we need to balance matchmaking times also, so more work to be done before we make changes here.

    • Relic falling through terrain - we have found the issue and are working on a fix, it should come in next week. And with it the relic may have just a touch more roll.

    • We're continuously working on improving the network performance. The best way to help us do this is whenever you have a bad rollback or an ability misses or stutters, clip a video and submit it as a bug on the forums. That makes it easy for us to send to our tech team, who will hunt down and fix the issues.


  • @zin_ramu Would it be possible to add a console command that instead of forcing a region, will exclude a region? So I could do forceexcludematchmakingregion eu-central-1 and just never get games there?

  • @zin_ramu Can you tell us what the console command is to force a region?

  • @zin_ramu still waiting for the command

  • @bilib90 I posted it above mate. Upvotes on these forums make finding posts within a thread wonky sometimes.

  • I think that it would be nice to reintroduce the gold buff/armor buff in a new way. I think that they could spawn where the relic is at the start of the game. This way there is more fighting over these two powerful buffs. I think that would be a nice way to reintroduce them.

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