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  • So I randomly posted about this last week in the Breakaway Discord ( for anyone that isn't a member yet), it was really suggested I make a post and today is the first chance I've gotten to make it happen.

    The topic had a lot to do on how marketing is being handled. This isn't to diss the marketing team now, this is more suggesting and throwing ideas out there. Many of us were a bit disappointed in the Gamescom trailer for Breakaway. Some even tilted because of that weird clock and huge flashy words splashed across the screen. It's understood that really the trailer wasn't made so entice the already huge fan base, but to attract new players. Build up the hype and to present Breakaway at Gamescom. Even the YouTube comments were a bit harsh and it wasn't well received. Many of us want the player base to grow and become the next hyped up eSports game on the scene. Just that the marketing seems to be lacking.

    It sucks to see that "The Road to Gamescom" was underwhelming. To know or find out the game was pre-recorded. Even worse that from the first TdT stream that was to assist in building it up we were already given the spoiler of who was making it there anyways.

    I'm not trying to sound like a huge complainer, so here is a proposed idea that I hope is helpful. I fully understand this idea is based on when AGS is ready to release custom/private games for spectator mode.

    Custom games has been one of the more requested features since the Alpha became available weekly. As the game grows, many players have created teams, some have been picked up, others are applying to interest organizations for sponsors. But AGS can also use this as a great marketing tool as well.

    For instance, as much as we love the generosity of flying us out and hosting us, AGS conducting TdT (maybe season 4?) via custom games and streaming that on Twitch would showcase the huge eSports potential, market the game, give teams that have been created a means to showcase themselves and abilities, as well as attract organizations to see Breakaway as seriously as any other game. AGS hosting the first "official" tournament without having to spend additional funds to fly teams out.

    Again, I understand there is a lot of logistics behind this. A lot more than just "ok open custom games." That's why it's a suggestion, an idea. Just something to throw into the creative hat.

    There is 7 weeks until Twitch Con, this could be the Road to Twitch Con. Battle for the Con? My naming is off, but the idea is there. Marketing and hype building blocks are there too. Custom games can help with this a LOT.

    Of course, I'm always down to assist if this custom games tournament becomes a possibility.

  • A lot of text for about 3 sentences of feedback, but the suggestion is a good one.
    TL;DR - Road to Gamescom was underwhelming, would like to see a Road to TwitchCon with a bit more marketing behind it.

    I think the biggest reason Road to Gamescom was seen as underwhelming, was that we had no idea the structure of the competition, the number of teams were small, and the team standings or brackets or anything was never really shown.

    Would love to see a Road to TwitchCon be run with custom games with something like 8-16 teams competing in Round Robin league matches every week leading up to TwitchCon, with the top 4-8 teams being invited to TwitchCon for the quarter and grand finals (very similar to the short-format versions I did for School of Dunk, just with actual teams instead of random picked), or all teams for a bigger format tournament with league seedings.

    Could also not just limit ourselves to TdT with custom games, could run a daily Throwdown stream M-Th with each league match for that week taking place on a different day (2 per day?).

    My 2c!

  • Easiest bump, vote, and agree ever.

    I'll be blunt: the marketing team is one of the few aspects of Breakaway the concerns me, and unless there's some crazy underground long term strategy for when the game moves out of Alpha, things need to turn around for that part of the team.

    Thanks for the good read and I hope the devs really consider your thoughts.

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