Suggestion: Paladin (Tanky Support)

  • Currently we have a lot of damage dealers (DD):

    And the TWO tanks are also decent DD, especially Merrick.
    What's left are Alona, Korryn and Gallion as supports and the last for me seems more like another fighter (only one support ability that is another healing).
    Korryn is a debuff supporter (reducing armor with primary attack, slowing enemies with her Q and E ability and her buildable, and silencing with her third ability R) and Alona "just heals" (which is very useful but I wouldn't call those buffs).
    Due to the lack of different Tanks (both are melee with melee abilities that just take a lot of hits) and Buff-Supporter I suggest the Paladin (Paladin is to overused and to much of a cliché? I'm open for different backstories and graphical designs).

    As the other tanks he would also have a melee attack with decent but not superior damage output. I think as he is supposed to be a supporter with decent damage his armor values should be behind (= lower) than that of Thorgrim and Merrick with lifepoints between both of them.


    • F Grants all nearby allies including himself 20% damagereduction for 4 seconds (Optional: 50% effectiveness to buildings too? Please discuss.)
    • Q Fires a healing (sacred?) projectile, giving another alternative to Alona that but weaker
    • E The first two were defensive support, so I would like the third to be an offensive ability granting additional damage to him and his allies. I haven't decided yet if it should be raw damage or armor penetration, life leech seems more defensive to me and doesn't suit a Paladin in my opinion.
    • R The other abilities are pure support for him and the team but as he is also a tank/melee fighter. I think a single-target melee stun attack would fit his fighting and supporting nature best dealing damage but also protecting him or his team from taking damage from that target for a short time. My suggestion would be a 15 second cooldown and a 1 second stun with only slightly higher damage (1.5x?) than a normal attack.

    Opinion? Suggestions?
    I'm missing an idea for a buildable. :/

  • Some balance thoughts:
    While Alona and Korryn are both supporters too and are not good damage dealers nor tanks and the Paladin is you have to consider that both of them have ranged attacks allowing them to keep out of melee-range and still inflict some damage while the Paladin has to get close.
    In comparison to the other tanks and fighters you have to consider that he has lower armor than Thorgrim and Merrick and less damage output than the fighter due to lack of offensive abilities besides his 1 second stun.
    Overall he should loose every 1on1 with any non-supporter, also because his Q ability has no effect since he can't use it to heal himself or to damage the enemy.

  • I'd be open to the idea. I think your head's in the right place and I hope the lack of tanks will be alleviated soon, however I feel like in some ways Gallion almost fits that Paladin-type role.
    He's got the single target stun, some healing but not the most, and is fairly tanky but not quite a solo tank.

    Giving your entire team damage reduction sounds cool, and quite possibly all too strong because of the push potential you could get out of it, however overall I feel like the kit kinda just feels typical. When you imagine your character, do they feel original? What makes them stand out from other characters, not just in this game, but everywhere?

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