Sound engine bug: audio is Skiping(like CD)/fast forwarding it self?

  • hello. last week of August 25,
    i've fond a weird in Game Audio engine, that i was fast forwarding itself
    witch sound file, all of it, it basically skipping like a CD player almost cant read like a scratch CD

    Twitch ID: Ts0r_Twang.. (*TS0R in all caps)
    Version of Windows: 7
    Amount of physical RAM: 16GB | 2133
    Video Card: AMD: ASUS: 7770 Ghz Edition 2GB
    Running or streaming anything in the background: OBS Classic,
    Time Zone: EST/ New York

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    @ts0r_twang I appreciate you taking the time to put together that video example.

    It has been submitted for review. =)

  • @ags_jr Thank u

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