Voice Chat Ideas/Suggestions

  • I've been noticing lately new players really desiring voice chat or at the very least text chat. But not all are going to know about discord, so I feel the lack of voice chat hurts a growing player base more than anything.

    Older communtiy members, had more of a love/hate with the voice chat. Gravitated towards using discord over the Twitch App. I think initially the problem was that the voice chat in twitch app wasn't implemented so well, this is mainly on the fault of the app itself rather than AGS.

    Some suggestions on ways to improve the voice chat experience.

    Having the option to join a party chat.
    Have a pop up that comes up during the character select screen that shows up for all players, "Would you like to join a party chat?" This will then auto create a party chat that includes all members that selected yes. The players that didn't reply or said no to be left out.

    Now if a player that selected no or didn't reply changes their mind, there be a toggle option that can be accessed at their relay and/or in the shop screen to be able to join party.

    Staying in a party after the game has ended.
    This was a sore one for me during early alpha stages. Coming across a new player that you liked playing with, but kicked from chat before being able to exchange info.

    During mvp/stats screen, pop up comes up. "Would you like to stay in the party?" Those who select yes, are able to stay in a group together to queue up. Either they are all in a group at the main screen together or automatically queued up for another game. Where those who don't answer or select no, are put back to the main screen to manually queue.

    Text chat
    Really don't remember why this was removed. But it was nice to have, it was just hard to notice. Having a transparent box that comes up behind the text will make it a bit more noticeable, but not so distracting.

    I'm sure the work behind coding and implementing any of this isn't just a plug and play, but as usual suggestions to help push along the game.


  • @bilib90 If you press "3" ingame there will be options to choose from. You have to press the additional key afterwards in order to give the command.
    If it's not working try to hold down "3"

  • 1000% agree to these ideas

  • There seem to be some hidden option to communicate some predefined (and translated) messages, I would be happy enough to know how to do that.

    I'm not refering to the character selection screen but in the actual game.

  • @kohhesports Thanks

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