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  • We’ve created this place for you to share your passion and thoughts for the game with each other and with us. We’re incredibly grateful for your interest in Breakaway, and we would love to hear from you. We also hope you’ll enjoy connecting with other players in great conversations. Please note that your access to Breakaway and the Breakaway forums is a privilege, not a right, and we reserve the right to suspend or permanently ban you for any reason, including your failure to comply with the Breakaway Code of Conduct, our Terms of Use.

    Breakaway Code of Conduct

    1. Uphold the Eternal Warriors Code

    It’s a quick read, and it provides the guidelines to follow to be the best Breakaway community member you can be. We recommend you embrace it both in and out of the game, and especially in our forums. It’s meant to be inspirational. It has cool quotes!

    2. Don't harass other players

    Aggressions, insults and threats will not be tolerated. We won’t think twice about wielding Thorgrim’s ban-hammer on offending players. This includes attacks towards other players based on:
    • Racial/Ethnic traits
    • Gender or sexual orientation
    • Political or religious affiliations
    • Perceived or objective ability to play the game
    • Ice cream topping preferences
    • Etc.

    3. Keep your language in check

    Save your violence for the virtual field of battle. In the forums and during the game, we have enlightened discourse. This includes avoiding:
    • References to strong sexuality or intense violence
    • Obscene language
    • Offensive opinions regarding religion, politics, gender, or sexual orientation
    • References to use of illegal drugs or engaging in illegal activities

    4. Be constructive in your criticism

    We’d love to hear from you about the game, and it’s ok if you just bring up an issue you have and don’t know what the solution would be. But a generic ‘this feature sucks’ without more context won’t help us fix it. Tell us more!

    5. Help new players

    You were new at some point. They need your help!

    6. Don't share personal information or trade accounts

    We recommend not sharing your personal information, and definitely don’t post other people’s. It’s forbidden to trade or share accounts. Do not share any account information. Above all, never share passwords, in forums or elsewhere. Amazon Game Studios and the Breakaway team will never ask you for them, so if someone pretends to be an Admin and asks you for your password, DON’T. GIVE. IT. TO. THEM.

    7. Don't be evil

    Other behaviors that are explicitly prohibited and will trigger varying degrees of disciplinary action are:
    • Posing as an Amazon or Twitch employee;
    • Trying to circumvent a suspension or ban – like posting with a different account or having someone post on your behalf;
    • Purposefully spreading false information;
    • Posting or linking to cheats, hacks, malicious programs, bots, etc.;
    • Posting unreleased, confidential, or infringing material; and
    • Posting links, images or videos of inappropriate material, such as obscene pictures or videos, promoting hatred, performing illegal activities, you know. Evil stuff. We’ll know it when we see it.

    8. Don't advertise, thanks

    The game and the forums are not a vehicle for self-promotion. While we love your Twitch streams, and the occasional link to them when in context with the discussion is ok, please do not spam the forums with self-promotion. Also, please do not use the forums to promote your app, your website, or any other product or service.

    9. Respect the structure and scope of the forums

    We have many threads! So pick the one that is on-topic for what you want to talk about. Also, we love free speech, but please remember that the Breakaway forums are for talking about Breakaway and the Breakaway community, and not about politics, religion, or anything else that isn’t Breakaway-related. Off-topic content will be removed. Similarly, don’t create threads with the sole purpose of linking to another forum post to divert traffic there.

    10. Don't spam

    No ‘First!’, ‘Second!’, etc. 3rd grade-level posts please. We all know how to count, let’s be grown-ups instead. Also, don’t repeat the same phrase, post nonsensical messages, or just violently punch the keyboard at random. Most importantly: no bumping forum threads! Once in a while it’s ok, more than that it’s just annoying to the other players.

    11. Don’t AFK during live game sessions, it’s very lame

    Every time you disappear during a started game, you ruin the play experience for 7 other players. That means you’re responsible for the stability of the hardware you’re playing on, the batteries in your wireless mouse and the quality of the internet connection you have. You’re definitely not responsible for the stability of the software the game is run on, and the reliability of our servers – that’s on us!

    12. Don’t voluntarily feed (die repeatedly to benefit the other team)

    It should go without saying, but you’re expected to play the game at the best of your abilities to help your team to win. If, in spite of that, you die a lot, that’s fine, it’s part of learning. But if you die on purpose, or don’t put any real effort in the game, that is not ok: you’re ruining the experience for your team.

    We may enforce this Code of Conduct in our discretion, and we reserve the right to screen posts and edit, move, delete, or refuse to accept any post, and throttle, ban, or boot any player that in our judgment violates this Code of Conduct or exhibits behavior that we otherwise find objectionable or inappropriate. You understand that we have no obligation to monitor the game, the site, the forums or any messaging system.

    If you think a post violates any of these rules, hit the ‘Flag Post’ button. If you just don’t like a post, hit ‘Downvote’. If you like it, hit ‘Upvote’. And if you love it, hit ‘Reply’ and let them know they rock.

    Thank you for being here!

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