Welcome Thread - Intro's and Chit-Chat

  • This is our official welcome thread! Introduce yourself in a post below and let's get to chat'n! Let me kick this off:

    Name: Rich B
    Handle: "FilthieRich"
    Role: Breakaway Community Specialist and Game Advisor
    Favorite Food: Anything with bacon, I'm also pretending to enjoy salad these days
    Random blurb: I love video games, reef tanks (mini's), collecting joysticks, traveling to places that have arcades and eating delicious food. I also love lamp and my french bulldog "BatMan"
    Games I'm Playing: Dark Souls 3(Can't wait for the new DLC), Overwatch, Street Fighter V, Overcooked, Clash Royal, Breakaway !

    Other members of the game team are soon to join. Let's keep this thing going!!

  • Name: Jeeves
    Handle: "MackNJeeves"
    Occupation: Currently a cyber security engineer
    Favorite Food: Chocolate
    Random Blurb: I'm a professional singer on the side. I do about 100-150 shows a year, doing a lot of outreach to schools. My a cappella group teaches kids about the history of music, gets the excited about the arts, and teaches about having self-confidence. I feel very comfortable on a stage :)
    Games I'm Playing: Other than Breakaway once that goes to Alpha, have been playing around with WoW:Legion, I'm a huge fan of SMITE (both on PC and Xbone - though I mainly stream SMITE on Xbone) and their eSports community, and have been playing Streamline with a few streamers.

  • Name: Del
    Handle: XYZP
    Role: Average video game player , troll
    Favorite Food: :peach: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Random blurb: Shidosha and Guttermagic, two of the most friendliest people from the fighting game community that I can personally relate to were spreading word about something big going down with amazon and something very interesting to look forward to. I instantly knew it was going to be something enjoyable and sure enough WAM. I'm introduced to three very eye opening games that I am 100% about spending a lot of time with. I'm here to help make sure breakaway gets big esports wise so I can see shidosha and guttermagic thrive in something they love. its the least i can do since i can't support them as much as i would like to.

  • Name: John Bau
    Handle: JustCallMeBau
    Role: Senior Designer on Breakaway
    Favorite Food: Menchi katsu curry, Osso buco, coq a vin.
    Current Games: Overwatch, SFV, Hearthstone, HoTS, No Man's Sky, Battlerite
    Random Blurb: Aspiring wordsmith, photographer and cook. Planning a trip to Iceland to say what's up to the Ice Giants. :)

  • Name: Jeremy L
    Handle: "Vicious"
    Occupation: Accountant/Commentator for various games (including Breakaway)
    Favorite Food: Pizza, Tacos, Ramen!
    Random blurb: Arcade junkie! Twitch chat lurker! Ex-Pro Sf4 player! Got to cast Breakaway at TwitchCon ^_^
    Games I'm Playing: Gears of War 4, Street Fighter V, League of Legends, H1Z1, and Breakaway as soon as it comes out!

    Nice to meet you all!

  • Name: Chris G
    Handle: "Holy4v3ng3r"
    Role: Full Time Student & Avid Gamer
    Favorite Food: Pizza, I've traveled the world and love Pizza in any shape, way or form pretty much
    Random blurb: I have been a gamer for most of my life and play on all consoles no need to stick to one. Super hyped about the release of this game and looking forward to the Alpha
    Games I'm Playing: Dark Souls 3, Overwatch, Paladins, Rocket League, and hopefully Breakaway!

  • Global Moderators

    Name: Chris
    Handle: ags_cc
    Occupation: AGS Support
    Current Games: America's Army: Proving Grounds, Cities: Skylines, Left 4 Dead 2, Skyrim
    Random Blurb: I would love to be a professional streamer if I ever get the free time. I've got a sense of humor and I absolutely love gaming. Excited to be supporting AGS as a forum moderator.

  • Name: Phillip
    Handle: FlipdUp
    Occupation: (Ex) Software Engineer:computer: /(Current)Market Analyst:chart_with_upwards_trend:
    Games being played (While waiting for Breakaway): Street Fighter V, Gears 4
    Random Blurb: I enjoy streaming (still :new: ), basketball (Go Warriors! :basketball: ), watching MMA :wrestlers: , listening to hip-hop :headphones: , and learning :notebook: . I'm also all about self-improvement, whether it's getting better at a videogame :video_game: , fitness :lifter_tone4: , basketball, programming, or whatever!

    Edit: Shout out to Orbish for pointing out all the emojis I could use :blue_heart:

  • Name: Simon
    Handle: "Nocnoz" (name of a character in one of my old comic books - circa 2001)
    Role: :art: Breakaway Art Director
    Favorite Food: :cheese: French cheese and :wine_glass: wine (I'm French :flag_fr: ), but now that I live in California I often enjoy :beers: IPA and :taco: tacos!
    Favorite favorites: :headphones: Spinning and mixing records on my turntables (from obscure underground German Techno to Modern Jazz), :art: drawing and painting, :airplane: traveling...
    Random blurb: I love comic books, animation movies, video games and music. I want to rock 'em all and I was lucky to work in all those activities. :heart_eyes:
    Games I'm Playing: Breakaway! (and many others...)

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Name: David
    Handle: Zin_Ramu (auto-generated this handle back in the day when I was play Asheron's Call, have used it ever since)
    Role: Creative Director on Breakaway
    Favorite Beer: I'm Belgian, so we prefer to drink beer over eating. Favorite beer is Westvleteren 12 (have been to the brewery twice). Favorite commercially available beer is Leffe Blonde.
    Random Blurb: I won a 5.0 singles championship in tennis recently and am not shy about mentioning it. I lost to four new players with the dev team at TwitchCon and am very shy about mentioning that. I love playing tanks and was a top laner back when I played LoL.
    Games Playing: Overwatch, Street Fighter V (worlds best Laura NA ;-) ), Rocket League, and looking forward to BF1 (huge battlefield fan).

  • Name: Sean
    Handle: selvikin
    Role: In front of a computer, working with server stuff
    Favorite Food: Korean, Japanese, Thai
    Random blurb: "I didn't do it", oh wait that wasn't quotes? Well yeah then I like to tinker with things.. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
    Games I'm Playing: WoW, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Overwatch, Diablo III, and used to play Firefall (Too Soon?)

  • Name: Jeff
    Handle: "Crazy_Klino"
    Role: Breakaway fan & future Breakaway Team Manager (God willing)
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Random blurb: I love Twitch, Amazon, RPGs, digital CGs, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Breakaway
    Games I'm Playing: Breakaway (soon), Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Fable Fortune, Elder Sign: Omens

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Name: Matthew Priestley
    Handle: "mpriest"
    Role: Breakaway Executive Producer
    Favorite Food: I don’t eat anything unless it’s served to me on a polished half abalone shell and I can wash it down with a flute of champagne.
    Random blurb: I’d like to say I’m into running, biking, and reading books that improve my mind, but in reality I’m mostly into beer and staying up too late watching GoT.
    Games I'm Playing: Breakaway, Destiny, Touch the Ladybug (don't hate)

  • Name: Fletcher

    Handle: cagedreaper

    Occupation: Veterinary student, medical sales

    Favorite food: yellow Thai curry

    Current games: fairy fencer f, league of legends, rocket league, GDF 4.2

    Random blurb: I enjoy kickboxing, cosplaying, streaming, backpacking, yoga, and cooking. Can't wait to stream Breakway

  • Name: Kason
    Handle: "Kalology" - most people call me Kalo
    Role: Aspiring streamer, competitive gamer/analyst, full time college student, part time production director.
    Favorite Food: Have always had a love for spaghetti + garlic bread, but a good steak tops anything.
    Random Blurb: Halo 3 is the best campaign ever. I've been streaming for almost an entire year! I am known to make strange noises at times while gaming.
    Games I'm Playing: Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, R6: Siege, and maybe getting into Atlas Reactor and/or Heavy Metal Machines.

  • Name: DJ / Dani

    Handle: "MissDJM"

    Role: Single Mom, Lead Electronic Tech/Engineer, and Variety Streamer

    Favorite Food: Anything that allows me to add bacon, sushi, pho, and pizza. Not necessarily in that order.

    Random blurb: I was born and currently live in Hawaii, but I hate the beach. I don't know how to surf and I can barely swim. However, I was raised in Glendale, CA with future plans on moving back.

    Games I'm Playing: Gears of War 4, Dark Souls, Akiba's Trip, Zero Time Dilemma, Dead by Daylight, Odin Sphere, and Quantum Break.

    I wish I was playing Breakaway cough cough nudge nudge

  • Name: Peter Bennett
    Handle: "OutRage87 / MajorRage87"
    Occupation: Technical Director, Web Developer, Head of Marketing and Graphic Designer (haha)
    Favorite Food: Mexican, Nandos or anything spicy!
    Random blurb: I am a work-a-holic (currently at work at 9pm as we speak!) - I enjoy travelling (East Asia) to be specific. I am a family man with two childrenm, one aged 4 and the other is 9, bother are avid YouTube viewers and the occasional Minecraft too.
    Games I'm Playing: Overwatch, RocketLeague, Warcraft...... Breakaway could become the main game, I hope to god it is, I need an addictive game, please let this be THE ONE!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Name: Rob Martin
    Handle: Orbish, OrbishDev if Orbish is already taken * shakes fist *
    Role: UI Designer on Breakaway
    Favorite Food: Any form of BBQ, Whiskey.
    Random blurb: I have a tattoo for each game I worked on while I was at Blizzard. I'm heavily debating something inspired by Breakaway and will probably bug Simon about that and his infatuation with emoji's :thinking: (side note: these forums have a ton of emojis!)
    Games I'm Playing: Diablo 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Clash Royal, Breakaway!

  • Name: John Anderson
    Handle: BlxckJxckVII
    Occupation: College Student (majoring in fine arts)
    Favorite Food: Sub Sandwiches
    Random Blurb: I have been playing video games since I was 3 yrs-old, been interested in esports since I was 7 yrs-old (watching MLG HALO 2 Tournaments). I do own a PlayStation 4 and a (weak) PC. I plan to pursue a career in game design in the near future. I am attending a local community college to help along with my career path and to sharpen my art skills a bit. I listen to a lot of music and watch anime (currently watching Occultic;Nine and Drifters). I normally don't normally play a lot of competitive team-based games like MOBAs, but I am interested in this game and can't wait to play it myself.
    Favorite Games: shooters (Unreal Tournament, HALO); racing games (Ridge Racer, DRIVECLUB); fighting games (TEKKEN); rpgs (Elder Scrolls); arcade games (Pac-Man, Dig-Dug)

  • Name: Sam B.
    Handle: "Etyrnal"
    Occupation: United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran and now Student with tons of time on hand!
    Favorite Food: Italian, Italian, Italian!
    Random blurb: I was a Tank Driver, Tank Loader, Tank Gunner, and Tank Commander all in my 4 years in the Marine Corps, with 1 Combat Deployment to Afghanistan. It was a good experience and I enjoyed it, but I've now recently left the Marine Corps to pursue bigger things on the civilian side!
    Games I'm Playing: I'm currently only playing League of Legends. I'm pretty stoked to switch to Breakaway, hopefully with an Alpha invite! ;) I haven't played the game (I wasn't at TwitchCon :() But I'm excited to get going with it on release!

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