A thank you to Developers and Amazon Game studios

  • I would like to say thank you for having team Firehorse and Eanix in the studio for TDT this last Thursday. It is a very eye-opening experience as far as what all goes into making those events happen as well as a inspirational experience as far as actually being able to play in it. I really hope to see more events like this in the near future. I know when the day comes of custom games it will help more events like this happen, however I hope it doesn't kill the idea of flying teams out to play there in the studio, because its neat to play in a tourney online, or possibly in TDT from a distance, but it will never amount to the feels that go into playing in the actual studio. TDT is a overall great idea as far as getting players and teams exposed. I would also like to say thank you to any developers who took time out of their work day to come say Hi to the teams, we love you all and appreciate any second of your time that you were willing to spare to talk to us!

    Another idea I would have would be to try to book nights at the E-Sports Arena there in Santa Ana and maybe pay some people to try the game out there such as you all do at UCI. It is a very well known place for gaming and they often tend to stream events to their community which is a rather large one at that. I also know of other Gaming Studios who have used E-Sports Arena to host tournaments. I would be curious if maybe they did a teaser of the game or test night on their normal "Fighting game" night, which is Wednesday, since there is many elements of a fighter in Breakaway.

  • It was so cool to see high level gameplay LIVE at the studio! It's something that I'd love to see as a regular thing or maybe even every 2 weeks! Maybe even have like a mini tournament with the high lvl teams that all get flown out for a weekend and do something! I hope we see something like this at twitch con as well because this game can become the next big esport and people need to see passionate players that play this game for 7-8 hours a day already trying to be the best!

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