My personnal feedback after playing Breakaway #1

  • Hello there !

    Lemme do a quick introduction of myself before getting into the "plat de résistance" :
    Uolow, New player (2 days old [This alpha week-end]) and eager to play some more Breakaway !

    Now, the meaty stew :

    The good meat :

    • The maps are well designed,I have plasure watching a little bit around between rounds.

    • Fast-paced, in a Bo5 style, i love that, it makes intense fun very quickly.

    • The champions are overall pretty fun and interesting to play, each one with it's own playstyle, skill-set and "consumable" ! Great choice there folks !

    • It's pretty fluid ! I barely get any framerate issues or big "lag" spikes when i play while streaming.Well done !

    • Shield while holding the relic? A great thing, avoiding some spam bullies to stick around the relic holder.

    Now, the stale meat (Yes, sometimes you get some stomach issues :( ) :

    • Playerbase... I know it's an Alpha and it's great to be able to play this early, but you mostly wait to find a match with/against the players you encoutered right before.
      And if you've got the unlucky phase of taking a short minute break before launching a queue, you'll have to wait 5/6 minutes before hitting a game.

    • QWERTY only communication: I'm European, French to be specific, and we use an AZERTY keyboard; so the bind fits well with AZERTY (ZSQD instead of WSAD), but it doesn't work as intended when you try to chat with your teammates via matchmaking or queue chat. Some things doesnt exist such as ")" "]" "!" and some more.

    • Party: as already mentionned in other posts, Party system is a bit clunky as you need to go through several "more or less" useless steps to invite someone in your group, plus the fact than you can't be sure ifsomeone is really online or not...

    • Relic physics... Well, to be honest, i don't like it right now; it's "heavy" as hell... No roll, rebound from a high place or thigs like that. It makes the interaction with the ball pretty poor, especially through passes (right now i'm mostly considering the "Solo Queue".

    • The lack on player-to-player interaction in-game makes the experience a bit too "personnal". Teamplay is random unless you're in a group of 3-4 with a vocal server such as TS, discord and such.

    • I wont talk about heroes yet, since i'm not entirely sure how they work yet... I'm a Newbie, remember? :)

    Here I conclude with my first and certainly not last feedback on Breakaway.

    Of course, I don't forget (and anyone reading this shall not either) the current state of the game (that's why i'll continue to play through the week-ends and further...) and I don't expect to see everything fixed within the week (Devs aren't robots, REMEMBER THIS !).

    Thanks if you've read me and found my feedback interesting or obsolete, as long as you've read it through, it does mean that you also like the game and want to see it shine through the darkness of a Dread Shore. =)

    PS: I'm not totally fluent in English so please forgive me for any mistakes (Don't hesitate to correct me, I very much appreciate it. :) )
    PPS: Also, sorry for any major typing mistake, i have the very bad habit of not re-reading myself before sending a message... I'm trying my hardest to work on it. ^^

  • The consumables are called "buildables" because you build them. ;)

    Actually the Relic does roll (at least downwards on a ramp). Letting it roll on flat ground after thrown might give to much of an advantage when throwing it instead of carrying but that's just a guess.

  • @bilib90 said in My personnal feedback after playing Breakaway #1:

    The consumables are called "buildables" because you build them. ;)

    Yup, I know and I agree, that's why i've put them with " " , it's only because i like to call them this way and there's only one per round, which can also be considered as a consumable; but it's indeed Per-round-buildings I was talking about.

    @bilib90 said in My personnal feedback after playing Breakaway #1:

    Actually the Relic does roll (at least downwards on a ramp). Letting it roll on flat ground after thrown might give to much of an advantage when throwing it instead of carrying but that's just a guess.

    Indeed it does, but the mechanic is stil very straight forward: a slope, it slides a bit but there is no real momentum once on flat, even a short one, in order to create more fluidity through passes/throws.

    Thanks for your answer, looking forward for more. :)

    See you in-game.

  • I like the feedback you provided here, and I like how you worded it. "The good meat" and the "stale meat" lol, interesting wording.

    I feel like for someone who stepped into the game and gave his feedback after two days, you had some very solid "Good meat", however some of the "stale meat" such as player base, will only improve over time and will improve even more rapidly once custom games are in and tournaments start being played.

    As far as communication goes, yes they need to do some improvements to make it more accessible for keyboards that are other than the standard, which once again, I could see only be done in do time. I would say until Gamescon and so on, there wasn't many EU players yet. So, they are just now able to receive this type of feedback, which is great that you pointed this out.

    The party system has been a issue for a little bit, however they will get it fixed. They are aware of it being a pain at times to party up.

    I couldnt agree more about the relic physics, they can feel a little clunky or "heavy" which was actually a recent change made to the ball. So, hopefully they will do more about the physics portion of the ball movement, however there has not been anything stated about it recently.

    Keep up the great feedback, and continue to enjoy the game,
    Your fellow community member / player, Sulfurictide

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