REALLY Hoping for TwitchCon Booth

  • FlipdUp here,

    I was recently on Throwdown Thursday with my team in the very fun Eanix v. FireHorse showdown ( if you haven’t seen it they were some of the most fun games I’ve ever played.) It was awesome to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come from the reveal at TwitchCon to being a GM in the Breakaway Office League Season 3 and finally being back on Throwdown Thursday with my own team. This all started at TwitchCon 2016. This game has had such a huge impact on me along with MANY other core players in this fanbase. That first experience with Breakaway left such a lasting effect on me and I would love to see this for other new players. I’m really hoping it makes it’s return to TwitchCon in a similar way.

    For those who are unaware, Amazon had a huge reveal event for Breakaway at TwitchCon 2016 with an exhibition match featuring players such as our very own GutterMagic and Shidosha. For the remainder of TwitchCon they had an event called “Battle for the Stage” where attendees were able to play the game with their friends or other convention attendees and battle it out for a chance to play on the big stage as casters like Tasty Steve and Sajam called their matches to get that big-stage esports feel. Everyone who played was encouraged to host PlayBreakaway from their Twitch mobile apps and have their friends and family watch them playing live on a huge stage and have their usernames and hometowns called out making it feel so real. After playing on stage a few times and playing the casual setups I could NOT stop thinking about this game for the next few weeks. ALL because of the experience I had on that stage. Nothing I did for the remainder of TwitchCon came CLOSE to winning on stage on stream with my friends watching, getting that t-shirt, and walking away with my alpha coin(s). The Breakaway booth is honestly all I remember when I think of TwitchCon 2016.

    This stage had such a huge impact on me I found ANYTHING that I could about it online. I stumbled upon the Discord server on reddit and became one of the most active members. I had never even used Discord before this game. The people managing the line who encouraged me to host the PlayBreakaway channel on my mobile app got me to update my Twitch app for the first time in MONTHS. I never watched scheduled weekly streams until they started doing weekly Thursday streams with Rich (which later turned into Throwdown Thursdays). We had people going CRAZY over this game and we weren’t even able to play it again for two whole months. And even then it was only for a weekend!

    After that initial alpha test we weren’t able to play the game again for another 6 months. During this 6 month waiting period we had people who were losing interest. People claiming the game was dead. Very few of these people were the TwitchCon players. The TwitchCon players were diehard fans for this game when they COULDN’T EVEN PLAY IT. We were eating up all the content that we could watching the dev leagues. We had fantasy drafts for the devs playing their own game. (By the way the devs are almost literal superstars to a lot of us who have been in the community for so long. Seeing all those familiar faces when I went to the studio for TDT still had me a bit starstruck.) Several debates about game balance and meta took place as well. All of the involvement from the community that I could even bring up were initiated (for the most part) by TwitchCon players who hadn’t even touched the game for months. When we were finally able to play again it was amazing. We all love the game and can’t get enough.

    I wasn’t seeing the same excitement from a majority of new players after the alpha reopened in June. We still had a lot of the TwitchCon players involved in the community and queues, but people who just stumbled upon this free alpha didn’t have the same passion as for the game as those who played on the stage and a lot were quick to toss it aside. It wasn’t until after Gamescom I started to see an increase of players who were really excited about this game again! This is because a lot of these players attended Gamescom and had a similar first experience to my own. Big stage. Games on stream. Casters like DMBrandon and VikkiKitty. It makes the game special for them.

    I would really like to see more passionate players like this and I feel like there is a huge opportunity for Amazon to make this happen by having a similar booth set up at TwitchCon. Give players something to be excited about and get them hyped about this game. I’m sure a ton of Breakaway community members going to TwitchCon would love to help as well. I would hate to see them miss an opportunity to gain a ton of dedicated Breakaway fans.

    Am I the only one who wants to see this?

  • To just piggy back off Flipd . I was among the elite 8 and was showing the game for the first time to the public. I had a blast seeing the devs and people play and just enjoy their time. I wish there was an experience like that again. The game needs to be shown off more and i dont think its getting the support it needs to be thrown more out there. Twitch con would be the PRIME spot for it.

  • Totally agreed that the game should have a presence at TwitchCon. Gamescom showed to be a huge success in helping bring in EU players and I think if the game has a booth here at a convention on it's home turf of NA (especially at a convention like TwitchCon which is done by Twitch/Amazon) it would help bring more players on the long-run.

    Needs to happen! (Also Don't know why Con is a bad word on the forums :P)

  • I couldn't agree with you more FlipdUp. I originally attended Twitch Con 2016 to attend the panels and just generally see what was there. The months leading up to it GutterMagic was so hyped to finally show us this "project" he's been a part of for so long and couldn't tell us about. I even paid the penalties to change my flight and add an additional day at my BnB.

    But it was so worth. Attending the Unboxing Event was something I've never gotten to experience. Having it be presented as this serious eSports game with Sajam and Rip casting was something so surreal. Then immediately getting to play after was so much fun.

    I ended up skipping almost every panel and stuck around the Breakaway booth. I don't regret that. I got to chat with other players in line, met JustCallMeBau for the first time. He was my coach. He gave me amazing tips because I was in love with playing Morgan Le Fay (Korryn). Then Sunday, Chris Heintzer was awesome enough to make some time for me to be able to stream from their booth. I so NEEDED to share this game with the world in every way possible.

    From that Sunday night at Twitch Con, I scoured the internet for anything on Breakaway I could find and I discovered the Discord. The Discord community/fans has become a part of my daily life. Not only have I gotten to know the devs better and feel far more invested into a game than I have ever been, but I have also made some amazing friendships.

    It's really all because of Breakaway. Having the booth is what made Twitch Con 2016. GutterMagic and I are seriously only attending Twitch Con for Breakaway. Sure, we'll be there booth or not. But having no booth, just means we have to hunt that much harder to coordinate with other Breakaway players. But these experiences, friendships, and camaraderie all began from the booth.

    So I hope Amazon is able to make something happen.

  • It's crazy how experiencing that could impact players like that but its true! For me I fell in love with the game because its something new and fresh and from the moment I played it I knew I was gonna be here for the long haul. I think of twitch con and i think breakaway because its where it started. Imagine a Blizzcon without World Of Warcraft, you can't so I hope there are some announcements coming soon with some news! Also the battle of the stage idea is really cool and I hope to see that again and the streams will be glorious! Taking it a step further IMO I would love to see an invitational between all of the competitive teams in a bracket play tournament to really showcase high level game play and get people HYPED to watch this game and or even compete in it!

  • Last year at TwitchCon was a blast, when I stopped by the booth to play for the first time I didn't really know what to expect, but after just one match I knew I loved this game! Later on that day I got to play on the stage, and that experience of playing on stage was a blast!

    Every part of the booth was absolutely amazing, players who wanted to learn the game could play without going to the stage and the line was pretty fast. While waiting in line to play on the stage, I had so many unique experiences. I was not joining the line with any friends, since I hardly knew anyone at the time, so when I jumped in line for the stage I had to get into a party of 4. Immediately after we made a party we jumped into conversation on what role we would all be filling on our team. Later on these people I was teaming up and winning on stage with would become my friends. After being on stage once I got back in line, and this time I was talking to all the coaches they had there and we where discussing strategies and items, I was so immersed into the game already! It was truly a blast to find a new game I love, and be able to talk about it and share the feelings I had with everyone that was there! This is why I would love to have a booth at TwitchCon again so I can have even more awesome moments meeting new friends and just enjoying more breakaway!

    I feel like most of these experiences I would have never had without the breakaway booth. I know a lot of us in the competitive breakaway community really want to see a tournament at TwitchCon. I feel like it would bring more unique experiences to players in the community. But what TwitchCon is all about, is getting others to try your game and hopefully they like it, that's why I think if there is a tournament, it should be run from a booth. This will attract even more people to the game so they can see high level play and it can give some of the new players something to work towards if they think they have what it takes. If we have a booth and a tournament at TwitchCon it will raise so much hype, and get a lot more people interested in the game!

  • ya i played at twitchcon also and it was an awesome experience because of the breakaway booth, me smurfpop and proph all fell in love with the game because of twitch con and it was with out a doubt the best part of our experience. I also think it would really help with getting more of a following into the game

  • I was thinking about going to TwitchCon just for Breakaway. Going and meeting the community, the devs, and playing Breakaway.
    I agree that they should try to get a booth there but idk what all goes into that and it might be too late?? :(

  • I agree, i wish they had somthing =(

  • I had not yet purchased a twitch con ticket yet, buuuut the only reason for this was because I was only waiting for an announcement to be made that Breakaway would have a booth there as they did the previous year. The second this announcement would be made, I would purchase my ticket. Til then, rest in pieces ticket.

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