Relic Dash, should always be displayed!

  • Hey everyone I would really like to see my Relic Dash cooldown even when not holding the relic, this would help me set up pass plays with my team more easily. I would also really love if the spectator could see this ( so casters know when to look for some crazy pass plays, or so some of us can look back and critique our plays) Do you feel like we should see the cooldown for Relic Dash at all times?

  • I'd mentioned this about a month ago. Why not put them underneath portraits that way you can see your teams relic dash cooldown. It'd help you know when yours is up and who to pass to.

  • I think it would be great to be able to see your ability cooldowns while holding the relic, and your relic dash cooldown while not.


  • I think both of these changes would be huge, because there is times when i'm playing that i'm like, "Hmm wonder if my dash is back up, or if my teammate that i'm passing too's dash is up." Then there is other times when I have the relic and I'm like, "I wonder if my cc abilities are back up, so I can pass the ball then crowd control off the resistance".

    So ++++ to all things mentioned in this thread.

  • @eternaal_ It could be as simple as putting the cooldown right above your normal defensive.

  • You could have a blue cooldown timer over the dash that shows your relic dash

  • They could just change the color of the little "E" that pops up when someone is in range to pass too. Such as it could be green when they have dash and stay whatever color it is now when they dont have dash.

  • i love the idea but how much more can we add to the bottom bar of the UI? it already feels like so much is down there but it would be cool to add it somehow

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