Warrior Concept - Kito the Molten Monk

  • Kito the Molten Monk
    Reference: [Bomp]
    Role: Support
    Purpose: Aid teammates from the frontline by negating damage, locking down enemies with slows, roots and knockups, and debuffing enemy protections while giving allies more fight presense
    Passive: Gains 5 armor for each enemy hit with an ability for 3s

    Weapon (LMB) - Magma Staff
    RMB - Spins staff for 1.5s, negating all damage in front of him. Can be canceled
    Q - Kicks the ground, sending rocks upward out of the ground in a path, knocking enemies upward
    E - Grant rocky molten armor to an ally, giving them 200 shield health and movement speed for 3s
    R (ult) - Smashes the ground with his staff causing lava to pool out of the ground, burning and slowing enemies increasingly until the lava hardens, rooting them for 1s
    Full animation/effect occurs over 3s
    Buildable - Volcanoes that erupt every 3s, expelling lava for a very short time that burns enemies

    Burn = a DoT that also increases damage taken by 5%
    Root = enemies can’t root, but can use movement abilities (leaps, dashes, etc)

    Kito (Kee-toe) is a monk who one day tried to save innocent people when a volcano erupted near their village. This eruption was caused by an angry god. Kito ended up losing most of an arm and leg to the lava, and the limbs were instead replaced with magmatic rock from the magic lava that enchanted Kito. Slamming any rock-forged part of his body or weapon on the ground creates volcanic eruptions in the ground.

    Kito holds no grudges towards the god that caused the disasters, and has nothing but love for everything in the world. He aspires to help the world and everything in it even though his new additions cause such extreme damage.

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