Dash Dunks are lacking.

  • Just want to quickly suggest that we let @nocnoz and his team go absolutely bonkers with dash dunk animations, as they're currently pretty lackluster. The only one that comes close to feeling "epic" is Gallion's, but even then I feel like it should be so much more.

    If, however, the team is just saving super epic dunk animations for paid content and the current ones are intended to be a little lame, that's fine and I can live with them. I just hope the paid ones are super epic!

  • @kalology We currently are revamping the technology to make it work better. We are aware that they are clunky and sub optimal at the moment.

  • Thanks for the feedback @buttabuttajam
    We certainly consider to have many epic dunks in the future you could choose from. This is one of the most exciting moment in the game and we want to celebrate it! ;)

  • Agreed! Some of the animations are awesome, some are........not. On top of that though, I'd love to have the replay cam for mega dunks re-edited. so it super slows down at the point of contact with the relic right before the ball is thrown in.

    Actually now that I think about it a lot could be improved with the replays for dunks, like the ball bouncing back into the dunkers hands after going in for instance.

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