[Feature Request] A competitive mode with country-based matchmaking

  • I know that Breakaway is still in Alpha, there's lot of work to do, so take your time, no hurry... however I would like to see this mode when Breakaway will be more mature and ready for release.
    The feature I'm talking about is already present in a very famous mobile MOBA (FYI it has over 7mil followers on FB) and it would be a nice addition to Breakaway because the competive aspect of the game is not only composed of Pro teams but also of people who love rooting for own country against players of another country.
    Imagine how amazing would be to have some national, continental (or even intercontinental) matches like:

    USA vs Canada
    France vs Germany
    Brazil vs Argentina

    The ingredients to create this mode are already there because on Twitch profile you can select your country of origin, or let the game select your country based on the language you're using..

    What do you think???

  • Each region has their own Flavor of meta-play styles/comps and when it comes to worlds, its such a crazy phenomenon to see what will play out!

  • It's a neat, and different idea than anything I've heard proposed so I personally like it. The only issue I see is the connection between the players, Server locations, etc. Who ever gets the crap stick is gonna be at a huge disadvantage. If they had a way to eliminate server advantages of the sort then I can see this being a grand idea but currently frames being so important and lag being a huge disadvantage it would be hard to do.

  • I would be happy if I find a single match in the arena.. the whole weeking im waiting in the queue for more than 1 hour and nothing happens.

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