Can't Install game

  • Got an email today said I got invited to play Alpha. I already have the Twitch app and Twitch account. I go to download the game it bring up Error code: Installation failed You don't own this game. Please purchase from WTF am i doing wrong?

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    @manatsunamiis I've received notification from our developers that they have fixed this on our end. Can you please try to install the game again and let us know if it works? Thanks!

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    @manatsunamiis I'm sorry you are receiving this error message when trying to get the game.

    Is the Twitch ID you are using the same as the one in this forum? If not, please provide it so we can have our devs look into this to see if it is an issue with the account.

  • Yes It the same ID.

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    @manatsunamiis OK. Thank you. I've reported this to our developers so they can look into this.

    As with any game during an alpha test this means that some issues take more time to resolve as the developers are also fixing bugs, errors and other problems with the game as well. I promise you that we do take all issues seriously and we will get you access to the game as soon as possible. We will let you know as soon as we hear back from them.

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