Force Tutorial on first play

  • Please add the functionality that newcomers have to play the tutorial before starting to play in random teams. The whole weekend I saw people never placing their buildables or they are close to death and close to their own base and instead of going to heal they rushed in. I think I don't need to mention that they died shortly after. People not understanding the basics can be frustrating and others shouldn't be punished to play with or against them because they are to lazy for the <5minutes tutorial.

  • It would be nice to include something in the tutorial or elsewhere that tells people that the base heals you. As someone who has never played this type of game before, when I first played (months ago) I was like, "Oh great we have a guy cowering in our base or trying to run away". :P

  • That one too if it isn't already the case. But it also doesn't help much when people just don't play the tutorial.
    Also I admit the buildables are not something you have in every game and instantly understand how they work but that's even more of a reason to force a tutorial.
    ("Forcing" sounds hard, but if you want to play you should at least learn the basic gamemechanics. You wouldn't want to play Monopoly with someone that refuses to learn the rules do you?)

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