Continuous Lag while playing...

  • I have been playing Breakaway for few weeks now, and there is continuous lag in the game every time i play... no matter if i play on low or ultra.. I must add that my internet connection is perfectly fine and my laptop should be able to run it without any issues. This only happens in for Breakaway... every other game I play works great. My Twitch account I play Breakaway is the same as this one. (Jaymini) P.S. I must add I play from EU... the issue might be there?

  • @ags_bc Thank you and will do. Btw, I did had message on my screen saying "Packet loss" with red icon...

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    @jaymini I'm sorry you are getting such bad lag. It could indeed be that you are connecting to one of our US servers rather than the EU server we have.

    You can force the game to connect to the EU server by opening the console (ALT + ~) then typing "forcematchmakingregion eu-central-1" (without quotes.)

    Please see if this improves your lag and let us know the results. Thanks!

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    Also note that there won't be any confirmation of the change in the console (it only gives you a message if the region doesn't match one we have.) You'll just need to enter it, then join the queue as you normally would.

  • @ags_cc thank you for quick reply. i will give it a try for sure...

    i wish to play on NA servers as well without any problems as most of the team mates i play with are for US... I never had issues playing any game on NA servers before.. hope you will find issue and be able to help me in future more as I really enjoy game and it is shame I cant play it on higher level as it is hard to aim or hit abilities.

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    @jaymini I understand. Breakaway is a global game and our devs are always working on improving connectivity across the board. Since we are still in alpha testing it takes time for them to troubleshoot issues and implement changes. We are interested in finding out if there is an improvement when you connect to the EU server as that is data which can be used.

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    Can you make sure the game is running on your dedicated GPU ?

    If not here's a how to article

    Let me know if this helps at all.

  • @yasserr23 I forced my GUP to recognize the game. But I can't inform you if it worked as I cant get a matchmaking... I have spend and hour trying to get a game yesterday and nothing... I queued up at later hours so i get a better chance of getting a team, as most players are from NA, but for some reason i couldn't get a single match (which was not a problem before at the same hours)... i also tried today and still nothing... I did play practice mod and it was smooth without a lag, so i guess it did work... but I still can not confirm it until I get into an online match against other players...

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    @jaymini I will update the Devs with this info.

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    @jaymini Are you using a Laptop or a Desktop so I can pass along that info as well?

  • @ags_bc i am using laptop

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    @jaymini Can you provide me this info so I can get this issue to the devs?

    What version of Windows are you using?:
    The amount of physical RAM in the machine:
    What video card(s) are you using?:
    What version/build of the game are you using?:
    Did you update your video card driver?:
    Are you running or streaming anything in the background?:
    Did you update your network driver? :
    Wired or WiFi?:
    What time zone are you set to?:

  • @ags_bc
    version of Windows: Windows 10
    8GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 4GB
    version of the game: Breakaway Build #; 471025
    Yes my video card drivers are up to date
    I do not stream
    Yes my network drivers are also up to date (I checked all my drivers 3 days ago)
    I use WiFi
    Time zone is +1 CEST

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    @jaymini Thank you I have reported the lag issue to the devs I will reach out as soon as I here something.

  • @ags_bc I appreciate that.

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    @jaymini Can you give this a try next week and see if it will help?
    We're looking into it, we think this is happening due to high packet loss while streaming on a distant region.

    In the meantime you can choose your region forcematchmakingregion <region>.

    Where <region> could be:

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    You can force the game to connect to the EU server by opening the console (ALT + ~) then typing "forcematchmakingregion eu-central-1" (without quotes.)
    Please see if this improves your lag and let us know the results. Thanks!

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