Alt Tab forces the game onto my second monitor

  • when I alt tab game gets forced onto other monitor. It will be the proper size for that monitor as an image but it retains the aspect ratio of the primary. AKA I cannot click on menu items because they are not matched with the image.

  • Global Moderators

    @maddbuddha We are aware of this issue and are still gathering info for bug reports. If you could please provide the following info I'll get it added in. Thanks!

    Twitch ID:
    Version of Windows:
    Amount of physical RAM:
    Video Card:
    Have you updated your video card drivers?
    Are you running or streaming anything in the background?
    Wired or Wifi?
    Time Zone:

  • MaddBuddha
    windows 8
    gtx 1080
    i have twitter and youtube open but nothing is playing

  • Global Moderators

    @maddbuddha Thank you. I've submitted a bug report for this as well as the other bug report you posted. If we get any update we will share it with you here.

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