What made you want to play?

  • Hey everyone I was wondering what got you involved with the game, I know for me it was the TwitchCon experience last year, the game felt so good on lan! I was wondering what made everyone else join the fight, because I know we now have many new players since I first fell in love with the game.

  • The alpha test December.. Those were the days. I guess i found the game by luck? But what kept me around was the interaction between the devs and the community. Feeling so involved in the game, and the development process was a blessing gave to us by the devs and i couldnt be more appreciative of them for that! Built up an amazing community along the way. Keep up the hard work and more will come to have an amazing experience as most of us here!

  • I found out about the game through my esports organization. We just acquired a team. I gave it a shot and I loved it.

  • Twitch con. I was at the unboxing. Got to play on stage immediately after that. Spent the rest of the night playing/talking to some of the devs. Then spent the rest of Twitch Con playing on stage/talking to the devs.

  • @fullmetal372 yeah I will never miss a Thursday at a convention again because of that! LOL

  • Throwdown Thursday. I was looking for a new game to play and saw PlayBreakaway on the home page. I clicked, I watched, I downloaded, I loved.

  • I was super into Smite and watched Allied play Breakaway on stream and that was the first time I ever saw the game. It looked really cool but I didn't like the buildables aspect so I didn't look into the game. Almost a year later I saw TeeVeeO stream and the buildables looked better so I decided to give it a try. Here I am :)

  • what made me want to play breakaway was the freedom to play the game you want to play and not having to play around game mechanics that feel forced and unnecessary.

  • What got me into breakaway was one day I saw it on twitch when Dmbrandon was playing it and it appeared up near the top of twitch, so of course my curious self decided I would stop by the stream and check out the game. Once Dmbrandon got off he hosted Kalo who continued to play breakaway then he said he had keys to give out, so I got a alpha key from him and that's all she wrote sense. However, I will say I got baited a little bit...I ended up watching the "High Seas" trailer the same day, and so my mind was like "Wow the esports side of this game is kicking off rapidly" based off the names of the orgs I saw..but then once I actually got in, I noticed otherwise.

  • Well for me it was Gamescom for sure, didn't really knew anything about this game and because I had some time to pass and the queue was pretty low I said to myself: "Why not? Looks ok" Well then game after game I got more addicted and the last day of Gamescom I was like the whole day only in the Breakaway booth.
    So yeah here I am, loving this game and hoping for a bright future :)

  • I was playing in the AM scene of heroes and i followed zoia & jake and they were hyped about this game so I gave it a shot and its been a blessing since! always love you two for getting me into breakaway <3333

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