Breakaway Alpha Feedback 9/7/17-9/11/17

  • Feedback for this week will be small and straight to the point! It was fun playing on my first TDT and I look froward on playing many more hopefully <3

    1. Servers: Last week was probably one of the best weekends other than a weekend back in august and coming to this weekend it went to almost unplayable! It felt like i was playing a slideshow game where it felt like I was disconnecting and connecting my internet over and over. So please just put the servers how they were last week and never touch it :p

    2. Greyven: I played him a bunch this weekend and I feel like hes a good warrior but might be lacking in the damage department. Nothing too drastic though but maybe an increase in his E by 1 or 2 would be enough to put him in a very good spot! Hes fun and hes a tank killer which is greatly needed in the game and moving forward I feel like he will be played a lot.

    3. Friendslist/Party: Hopefully its still on your radar because the whole system needs a fix and I'm sure you all are aware!

    4. EU/NA servers: I wish there to be an option in the settings menu that you can choose which server you would like to queue up in. So it would look like

    NA or something like that! I know the population is still an issue but I think everyone would agree that they would wait an extra 3-5min to get a game where they aren't playing with 160+ ping

    Other than losing power for a full day and not being able to play this weekend was very enjoyable and a lot of great moments were made and bad ones! Until next week everyone <3

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