Clarity Around The "Dash Pass" Exploit

  • Hey everyone, Kalo here. So I re-watched through the vod from today's TDT and it seems there was a lot of complaining and what seemed like a bit of confusion around the "dash pass" exploit.
    For those that don't know, the "dash pass" bug is triggered when you dash with the relic in hand and then immediately pass to a teammate, resulting in your character picking up a huge burst of momentum, allowing for otherwise impossible positioning that can be used for a push or score.
    That being said, in today's TDT between Noble and SF, in literally no round was this used for said advantage, despite what some individuals in the chat were saying. The only point where a "dash + pass" happened as a part of a score was this one:
    You can obviously see the passer (Kyra) physically stop moving before releasing the ball with no forward momentum happening afterwards. So, yeah, he dashed and then passed, but he did not "dash pass".

    Because of the nature of the bug, using your dash to quickly get in range of a teammate you want to pass to sometimes results in the exploit happening. However, whenever this would happen in the TDT, my team made it a point to not use that player and their "exploitative" positioning as a pass target. In this clip, you can see Seafer turn after accidentally triggering it to curb the momentum:

    The only time during the series where a "dash pass" is used to get advantageous positioning for a push happens here:
    And even in this case, the pass back to the initial passer is stopped by a buildable between them (although personally, I'd have no direct issue with the players if it did result in a score, the blame/anger, if any, should be pointed towards the devs who will need to fix this issue).

    And that's that. Would love to hear your thoughts on this, felt it important to clear up what may be some misplaced frustrations around the issue. Thanks as always, excited to play again next week!

  • In the case of the dash passes it did seem like only one team ever did them which I think is why the comments came out. Its a show match not really a big deal, however, the mentality of blaming the the devs is not the right mind set.

    WIth the game in alpha, we see bugs like this sometimes as the game is still being developed and they will happen. When things begin to advance competitive wise I hope that teams and others do not agree with your mentality of blame the devs as it promotes bad sportsmanship. We recently saw this in the For Honor community as someone won a large sum of money using a known exploit and the game is known as who can exploit the games bugs better to win. If the mentality of blame the devs comes into play this is where I can see competitive heading.

    Like I said it is a show match so it's not really a big deal, not like anything was really on the line. But in the future with competitive matches the game should be more focused on exploiting your opponents weaknesses and not the games bugs.

  • @kronic_gg To clarify more I'm not saying that it should be on players to not use something that is in the game as players should not handicap themselves but should be the tournament or event organizer to make rules to stop these forms of exploits in the future once tournaments that matter start to form.

  • I agree if there is someing that is not intended in the game it cant always be the devs fault, they might not even know about it. We need to tell them about it and try not to use it.

  • This post is deleted!

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