Rawlins needs more damage

  • Hey I noticed that rawlins attacks and abilities all do less damage than kyra, this makes little sense to me since he has less range than her. I would like to see him with at least the same damage as kyra, if you give him more than kyra maybe lower his hp to compensate? I just want to see rawlins a bit more in competitive games.

  • @dualspirals Bumping this topic, some form of balancing in the shooter department is in dire need. It's getting stale to see kyra picked 100% of matches.

  • @dualspirals the damage on his abilities is about even with krya, with his ult dealing upwards of 3 times the base damage as kyra's to one target. I think part of his apparent lack of damage is the need to hit all parts of his multi-hit attacks to break even/approach kyra's damage, while at the same time needing to be twice as close, and doubly affected by armour. He needs something changed, but i don't think it's his damage numbers, rather, how those numbers are applied

  • maybe your right, if all his shots landed he could be a monster, too bad I can only land 1/2 of his autos at best XD

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