Warriors need more personality

  • I think a large reason of why other games heroes, champions, gods, warriors and so on receive more love from their fans at a simple one time play through of the game is there personalities. In other games you have the "seductive french sniper" that you feel as if she really is trying to use this seduction to her advantage in-game towards other heroes. Or you have this adorable rodent that lays mushrooms and keeps the scouts code while being the most annoying to deal with for some. This champions personality of laughing as he poisons his enemies and runs off cheerfully watching them die has attracted the attention of many players whether that's a positive attraction or hatred for seeing his portrait pop into the game, but either way this champion has forged his spot in everyone's heart and mind that has had to deal with him. Then there is other games where they did not have to use quite as much creativity to make up the personality of said "gods" or heroes, because the lore for them is already pretty much there.

    I feel people enjoy breakaway when they first play it, however in many cases since there isnt much lore shared or warrior development as far as knowing their personality, these players have nothing to connect with other than "that warrior was fun to play" which can only grab your attention for so long til you want to know more about the warrior.

    Other than making the warriors feel more realistic as far as feelings/personality, people want to know why these warriors are doing what they are doing, or where do they come from, what drives them to play "breakaway" or play this mythological sport. I feel like these warriors concepts have so much more that they could be just giving each of them a personality or unlockable voice lines or just more voice lines in general, a very subtle or simple way of adding lore if there isn't another way at the moment.

    Unless someone sticks around this game for awhile or just really likes the art style of a warrior, I personally do not see random fan art coming out of this game or for people to want to make creations of warriors based off their personalities, because they lack much to work with. Guess what random fan art is? Good advertisement, it may otherwise draw someone into try the game out that may otherwise not be interested.

  • I'll agree that they are being original and memorable with the character design, but we can't say they dont have personality to express. Every being has a personality, whether its a simple or complex personality that is to be created, whether its a light or dark personality. Is personality defined by what is done in their spare time lol? I would assume alona is into some sort of shamanism or "priest" cleric position where her personality would show that. There is enough personality or just a sense of realism or fantasy that can be added to that. Immortals may not have souls but they still have motives of some sort and "who they are" can be enough to justify some of their motives or what they are doing.

    I'll be honest in most cases, I am not the lore guy..however I know how important this is to many players and especially for players building connections with their warriors. There is people who make long youtube videos about league of legends champions that are all just them taking all the known variables and making a story out of it, and then attempting to fill any voids with what they have taken from reading the lore and connections of other champions.

    I do like what has been done with Greyven story wise, I think its a start in the right direction, however people will want more. I also think the voice line route could be viable enough to start with as far as showing warriors tone toward one another or interactions between one another.

    I also think bboy's last paragraph though really hits home what draws people to be like "I love this warrior" people are always looking for some sort of parallel between them and something they want to like. Or just something that really draws their attention or gets them excited.

    Example, people who cosplay that really want to get in "character" they need more info in order to do so.

    Another Example, someone wants to do a art piece of said "warrior" and put them in their native region or homeland for a art piece they want to create, how can they do this if they have no idea.

    These are sorta simple examples, however its all things that could really help the longevity of the game and marketability. Which both seem to be a concern of some.

  • I agree that we could communicate better about our heroes personalities. Other games even have short cinematic to present them and give a little bit of context of their background, tell you about their allies or nemesis.
    This exist as well in Breakaway but I have to admit it is not well exposed.

    In the last Dev Blog I explained a little bit of Greyven's history, I don't know if you read it but here it is: https://playbreakaway.com/news/post/introducing-greyven-the-dragon-eater

    Greyven – the Dragon Eater, the Great Scale Hunter, the Scourge Rider – does not speak of his origin or his hatred for dragons. He is a hard drinker and hard fighter who prefers to let his actions (and his mouth) do the talking. His deeds as a hunter and warrior are well known. He is admired and feared, hated and loved across many regions.

    He views the Immortals’ challenge as open season and takes up with any warrior who can pay his price.

    He views the ebb/flow of the battle for Immortal thrones as a fast lane to making enemies – and enemies don’t pay. He blurs the line between allegiances, providing his combat skills and power to any side depending on need and reward.

    Occasionally he will push to claim immortality for himself, only to illustrate his value, never (he claims) as his true goal.

    Greyven’s rogue identity masks his truest self – his allegiances shift not because he is disloyal or uncaring, but because he is sizing up everyone’s strengths/weakness for his eventual end game – the slaughter of the Immortals!

  • This is a topic that can be addressed in various ways. Some games do things ranging from taunt voice lines, some directed voice lines played after killing certain characters, voice lines in general (to establish a base tone), or even comics/cinematics that express who the character really is.
    I think the developers are doing a great job of making original, memorable characters, but i'm not sure if they have much personality to express. I just can't imagine what characters like Alona or Kyra would even do in their alone time. Perhaps some characters are just too serious to meme in the way we have Gremlin D.Va or Hug Bug Khepri (who cares more about protecting his friends than himself).
    I think the best option is just to add more voicelines. We need warriors to interact with each other to see what kind of personality they have behind them. Anybody can draw a warrior in a neat battle pose, but not everyone can feel a connection with a character they don't know much about. Yes, learning a little lore behind a character can help, but a short story isn't the whole story. Neat designs WILL attract creativity, but personality will build stronger ties between the player and the characters. "I just like to kill" personalities only go so far.

  • I think it might have to do with the heroes themselves. Anne Bonne had a ton of personality imo. Remember? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLFLiv0gYis

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