My feed back so far!

  • Hey guys VII (7) here. Just wanted to give some feed back!
    Character design and move set is great! KEEP IT UP the art is good to look at and maps are beautiful! want a lava map, space map, arena map (like gladiator), jungle map , ect

    Ques after 730pm est was good and matches were filled and fixed and not much lag! just KEEP IT THIS WAY AND STOP CHANGING! one weekend its good then you do something to revert it to a bad lag week.

    Rawlins needs buffs!!!! up his base damage, ult range needs to be much further and go through everyone so it hits everyone and maybe let him move during it! this would make him viable!!!

    Nerf hannahs damage on here a TINY BIT and merrecks damage a TINY bit too

    make hannahs buildable faster so it slams faster!

    good nerfs on kyra! also good buffs on chichi

    the game could use a custom launcher. twitch app is confusing and turning off alot of my friends! some were confused and some just didnt wanna fiddle with it. "not another custom launcher" as they would say.

    once its time to pull the trigger on the game i hope marketing is on point!

    looking forward to skins in the game!

    again keep up the character design! they look great and siked for more! cough we need more waifus cough lol

  • @noble_vii
    Thanks for the kind words about art generally speaking, environment art and character art.
    I am super glad that you like it. Uplifting and kind words!

    -Simon @Nocnoz
    Art Director

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