9/22-matches not being created

  • My friend and I have queued up as two solo players and waited for 5 minutes, but no matches started. We restarted the game and tried again, still no matches started after 5 minutes.
    The patch notes say the game should always start after a minute with bots if need-be. Seems like this is not working.

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    @krokedkroked I'm sorry to hear it isn't starting the matches as intended. I've filed a bug report for this. We'll let you know if they need any more info. Thanks for letting us know!

  • @ags_cc I also just tried to queue solo and waited 7 minutes and it never popped. Then I forced west and waited 5 minutes and it never popped, then I forced east and waited 5 minutes and it never popped.

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    @orillie Thanks for the additional info. It doesn't seem to be isolated then if it is happening with you, as well. I'll make sure our devs are aware of this.

  • @ags_cc It just popped and I played one. I was playing another game and stayed in the queue as forced east. Anyway I estimate it popped after 8 plus minutes.

    edit: I killed the game after the last match so I wouldn't be forced east. I started a solo queue again and have now been in the queue for 16 minutes.

    edit waited 27 minutes and gave up.

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