Stuck in mode with character ability descriptions unless spacebar is held down

  • I was playing a game on merrick when suddenly a screen pops over with merrick's ability descriptions. Escape key and other keys and mouse did nothing, my character just stood there.
    Pressed a bunch of keys and noticed that if I held down the spacebar, the pop-over popped down, and I could continue playing with the other keys until I let off the spacebar, which would cause the pop-up to come back and they rest of the keyboard and mouse inputs to stop working.
    Remained this way until the round ended, at which point the pop-over went away without needing the space bar held down.

    Version of Windows: 10 Pro
    Amount of physical RAM: 16
    Video Card: GTX 1070
    Running or streaming anything in the background? no
    Wired or Wifi? wifi
    Time Zone: HST

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    Heyo @krokedkroked,

    Sorry to hear this happened. I've already sent this issue over to the Dev's to check into this. If this happens again, try to get a screen shot of the pop over during the game. Also, if this happens again let us know so we can inform the Dev's of it happening multiple times.

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