Alpha Weekend Feedback 9/21/17-9/25/17

  • Another weekend is in the books and more memories made playing breakaway! Some good some bad and I'll write about them below <3.

    1. Ball changes: So if you write it on paper it makes sense for the ball to bounce and or roll down ramps/the map but the way it was used in game was WAY too much. The ball before had a heavy weight too it like a bowling ball and I thought it felt great but coming into this weekend the ball feels like a bouncy ball and were playing ping pong. It felt like the weight of the ball got removed and the ball just smacks everything on the map! When you throw the ball from your base it bounces down the map and keeps rolling down until it reaches almost half of the map! I like the idea of the bounce but i think it needs to be drastically reduced. The initial bounce needs to be reduced 40-50% and the second one as well. The ball can roll down ramps/slopes but I don't think the way it was this weekend was the best, maybe have the ball move slower down the ramps? In a sense giving the ball more weight.

    2. Throw Animation: I don't remember if it was implemented this weekend or last weekend but the 5 frame delay of the throw was removed and I miss the throw animation! Now I do like the instant throw because its "instant" haha but I loved seeing my character use its hands to throw the ball because now it just feels like the ball leaves your waist and it looks weird! I'm not sure if the frames could be lowered to like 2-3 but I miss the throwing animation :c

    3. Balance Changes: I feel like this is going to be the hardest thing to achieve in any game and I commend the entire balance team for what you all do but I don't think the merrick buffs where thought out because he is now doing more damage than his previous OP times. The problem IS thorgrim and his damage needs to be reduced and his CD timers need to be increased. When you think of a Tank you think of a character that can soak a lot of damage and has a lot of HP but you never really think of damage. All tanks should do tickle damage nothing superior than melee assassins/fighters because then why are we even adding melee assassins/fighters to the game if tanks are overall a better pick because they have 200% more HP and do more damage than them! IMO Tanks should never have more base damage than melee assassins/fighters so that could be a good place to start, lowering their damage to that standard and see how it plays out. Balance will always be evolving and changing but I think what i stated there is a good base of how tanks,melee assassins, fighters should be

    4. Servers: OH we know this is a huge topic for this game and I just want to give some further input on it. I have no idea how servers work or what needs to be tweaked on them or whatever but this issue takes priority in my book vs everything else. WE need to fix the servers before this game goes into open beta! I live in Miami FL and if I connect to a west server I shouldn't be experiencing 120-150 ping, If at most it would be 80-90 with a stable connection! Opening a central server would be strongly advised to do so very soon. Investing resources into servers will be the best decision Amazon Game Studios makes because the game is amazing and one of the biggest complaints between players is the server issues. Some weekends the connection is flawless and others its unplayable! Its frustrating as a player of the game because you play on silky smooth servers one day and the next you don't know what you're gonna get!

    1. Marketing: The game is being talked about, the game is being watched on twitch every Thursday with a lot of new viewers the marketing team needs to step it up! Twitter is very important in the gaming world! The person in charge of the twitter account needs to be very active and be engaging with the player-base! I know the game is going back into closed alpha and its gonna be a very big grind for the game as it goes into open beta in a couple of months and its exciting but moving forward the marketing team needs to look at other games and see what they do on their twitters to engage with the community etc!

    2. Website/Art: The website looks very alpha and It needs a huge revamp! When you hover over The Game it should have a drop down menu that has characters,maps,etc and please update the roster on the main page to include every character in the game! WE still don't have rawlins on that page and hes one of the OG characters in the game? Now some good news about the art/animations of the skills in the game are top notch and its a pleasure to see the design team go out of the box and create some very cool characters with flashy abilities and the interaction with everything blends well! When you're playing in the game you can tell which skills are being used and whats happening on the battlefield even when there's a bunch of things happening at once!

    3. Twitch App: Twitch app twitch app twitch app! The way that we log into breakaway every weekend and the most frustrating launcher ever! SO many people on this forum have reported issues with installing the game, being able to log in, etc and I hope there will be an alternate way to log in to the game in the future because I'm sure some people look at the twitch app start to download the game and they get an error or an issue appears and they just simply uninstall or not even try to move forward or even write on the forums that they're having issues! Having this game be more accessible from other platforms will be another HUGE improvement and big step towards reaching the mass audience! Hell even make breakaways own launcher that has its own identity!

    I wrote a lot more than i thought I was going too but I hope you the DEV team will find something that is useful and it helps you all create an even better game! WE all LOVE breakaway and It's a good feeling knowing that I can give this feedback and help the game mold into something great!


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