Alpha feedback 9/21-25/17

  • The queue times were broken a lot of the time. I spent many times in queue for over 1/2 an hour. Thursday night the bots seemed to work by filling in but the rest of the time the queues were just bad.

    Matchmaking: When I did get a game it would often stack 4 players against 1 person and 3 bots. I was solo queue so I should have at least been put on the other team with the 1 person and bots.

    Auto queue: I don't want to be auto queued. Can that be a toggle? I felt like I was stuck with the same person (or they were stuck with me :P) the whole time since we were both auto queueing. The cancel button doesn't always show up right away so I would have to kill the game and then relaunch the twitch app etc. One match I saw that I was in a game by someone calling out my name on a twitch stream. I was like, Wait. I am not queued... oops I am in game. (1 monitor so I was alt tabbed out watching a stream)

    The bouncy ball is too bouncy imo. I am not sure I like it at all.

    Latency has been an issue since after the first week of alpha. Being put on an east coast server means a bad experience for me. Forcing west with so few players seemed like it wouldn't work this weekend.

    The bots that get filled in matches could maybe be tankier. Typically teams would farm the bots for gold.

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