My Fourth Warrior Concept That I Didn't Feel Like Finishing Until Now

  • Well, there's not much to say in this part. This is my fourth and possibly final warrior concept that is on this forum. I have to say that I feel very nice when people take time to read my lengthy concepts and sometimes lead feedback, even if it is negative. I enjoy reading forum post and other warrior concepts that other people make and would love to see every awesome thing that fans suggest to be added (although the devs have their own plan and I do respect their plan). In my opinion, I feel that my concepts get more unique as I keep posting more. I want everything that I post to feel unique and have its own feel and personality. I think that this is the concept that is my second favorite out of my concepts (Scales is the first, obviously). It is with great honor that I present to you, Galactus.


    Galactus, as the name states, has an extraterrestrial origin. He is an artificial creation known as a Defender. The Defenders are a group of extraterrestrial machines that exist for the sole purpose of preventing disaster. The Defenders use their ability to create shields to protect all things, even something that might seem evil. Defenders always see the true meaning of somethings existence. Galactus is a 6ft tall robot-alien thing. His head has a triangular shape and his body is smooth with purple outlines. The line pattern on his body could be compared to that of Argus'. He does not hold any weapon as this goes against the Defenders' philosophy to protect. Rather, the Defenders have the ability to stun enemies with very little harm caused.

    Primary Attack:

    It's primary attack is a medium ranged, purple projectile that stuns targets for little damage. The projectile does more damage the closer the target is, but always stuns targets. The attack does no damage up to a certain range but it will always stun a target for a period of time. I think the max damage the projectile would do is 15 damage at close range. The attack rate would be similar to that of Rawlins'.

    Secondary/Right Click:

    Because Galactus is a Defender, his secondary is a more defensive ability. Galactus' right click is a personal shield that gives him 20% thorn damage for 5 seconds. This makes it so that some damage an enemy does to Galactus also hurts the attacker. This can make it so that you can get some extra damage on a warrior that isn't paying attention. This ability is just for some extra personal defense.

    Ability 1/E Button:

    Galactus' 1st ability is an ability that allows for him to be able to save a few friends and block a few enemies. His ability allows for him to place a small, temporary wall that blocks projectiles. Enemies and allies can freely move through the wall. The wall is half the size of Thorgrim's wall and only lasts for 10 seconds. This wall is thin and has a purple tint. I call this ability Roadblock.

    Ability 2/Q Button:

    Galactus' 2nd ability is an ability that only works with an ally or buildable nearby. Galactus' Q ability creates a relic-shield like object around an ally or buildable. This mini-shield has 75 health and blocks all damage until it is destroyed. This ability has a purple color like the rest of his attack. This ability has a 20 second cooldown.

    Ultimate/ R Button:

    This is an interesting addition to this. I had previously posted a concept on the forums 3 months ago with the same ultimate. I feel like this ultimate works better with this character. This ultimate temporarily gives its allies within a radius a 100 health shield. The radius is equivalent to the radius of Gallion's healing. The shield s all dissolve after 7 seconds. It is similar to Lucio's ult from Overwatch. This ult is fairly good in any team fight or near the end of the time in a round and can help get territory wins. This ult has a 27 second cooldown.

    The Rest:

    It's speed is the same as Kyra's. I think it would be fair for him to have 400 health. I think this is a decent amount as it is semi-tanky but squishy enough. I was actually starting this concept 4 weeks ago, but stopped. I just felt like finishing it now because this is the last open alpha weekend. I would like to wish all of the players good luck in this week. Happy dunking!


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