Things you should have a look at

    • When the Damage Buff or the Health Buff spawns you can still get stuck inside
    • Make it possible to undo purchases even if we close the shopping window, BUT only if we do not leave the base. This is a huge issue
    • Give us the european Keyboard QWERTZ layout ingame e.g. for chat
    • Non latin letters (e.g. russian, japanese etc) won't show in the loading screen, neither in the after score screen, nor in the Warrior Select
    • MVP overhaul, there are so many plays and actions that have to be more MVP worthy than what it is now, it's not really justified to get MVP for Relic Run Distance when someone is holding the team back with cc or makes a crucial kill or nice pass etc.
    • Maybe give priority to the game when a match was found so it will automatically get displayed above everything else you have open
    • Let the Warrior that we have picked / queued with and not locked in when the timer has run out still be choosen for us and not filling in with a random Warrior of a role that the system says is missing

    Will edit if something else comes to my mind

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