Not able to install the game

  • Hi all,
    Tried installing the game through different means following some advice in the forums - no luck so far.

    1. install twitch app through, get to the page, install the game through the library. I get 'Installation failed' after I click on 'Download and Install' and just after 'Preparing to Download Files'
    2. Following advice in another similar thread, I tried uninstalling app, rebooting and installing the combined installer through the game's website. Same error message.

    Twitch ID: srodriguezz
    Version of Windows: Windows 10
    Amount of physical RAM: 16G
    Video Card: GeForce GTX 1060
    Running or streaming anything in the background? no
    Wired or Wifi? wired
    Time Zone: UTC (DUB)
    Version: NA (cannot install)

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Can you try installing it to a different drive if possible?

    Also are you getting the UAC prompt when you install ?

  • Im getting the UAC prompt - I only have one drive on my computer (SSD drive).

  • Global Moderators


    Thanks for the update. I have passed the information onto our Dev team and will write back as soon as we get an update.

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