End of Open Alpha - Thank You, Devs

  • Hey guys,

    FlipdUp here. I want to start off by saying it's been great playing with each and every one of you during the open alpha period for Breakaway. It's crazy to think back to when I first encountered this game almost exactly one year ago and to see how far the game and the community have grown.

    It was an amazing experience to be a part of this phase in the game's development and it was great being able to interact with such a great group of developers. It started off looking up to them at TwitchCon as our all-knowing coaches teaching us how to play, and not too long after that they became the star competitors in the early Throwdown Thursdays. We would regularly see them in the forums on our posts, in our Discord chats, and eventually in game right alongside us as we ran the relic up and down El Dorado and Atlantis. I feel like over the course of this past year we've gotten to know the developers and they've really become community superstars (at least to those of us who have been here since the beginning.) We used to love watching our favorite devs play against each other or just queue up and play casual games with the community. That's what made this last stream on Friday so special.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the whole thing, but I was able to see MK Ultraman, ButterBeany, and gltovar play games and talk with the chat. This reminded me of the early days when we had the alpha warrior's bounty where we would queue up to play against the devs and everyone could watch them play on the PlayBreakaway stream. Along with that I remember taking my lunch break at work on Fridays and watching Rich and Gucci queue up with whatever devs in the office wanted to play and fire up the stream. Just watching those candid moments and hearing their answers to our questions was awesome and this past Friday having some of the community favorite devs playing and bringing it back to that early Breakaway feeling was a perfect way to end the open alpha period.

    Along with the gameplay itself, these devs and their personalities are a huge reason I'm such a big fan of this game. They're really an awesome group of people and I would like to thank all of you for the hard work you've put into this game. Since the very beginning a lot of you have been very involved with the community and I believe your outreach has truly paid off. I am excited as we head into the closed alpha period and I look forward to the future of Breakaway as a whole.

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