Please get rid of notifications for threads i have not opened or commented in.

  • I don't want a bunch of notifications for threads and their posts just because they are new. The only notifications i am interested in are the ones with threads i comment in or if someone is responding to me.

  • @XYZP you should be able to change your notification preferences in your profile. Click your user icon in the upper right hand corner and then click on your name. That will take you to your profile. From there, hit the button with three dots in a horizontal line, and go to settings. Here you can change your notifications. I would imagine you can turn "off" the email digest section, but still select "Watch" topics I create and topics I reply to.

  • Personally agree with this feedback, particularly as the community grows - don't want to spam people with notifications. I'll follow up with our forum devs and find out if it's possible to only receive notifications for activity in threads you've posted in or from people you follow.

  • nah you can only change if you get a sound for it.

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