Twitchcon new's?

  • Hi guys, did someone saw something at twitchcon about BKW? thx for sharing !

  • I need new too ! :(

  • Unfortunately no, there was no news on breakaway at twitchcon

  • @forgrimm77 there was a small article posted a few minutes ago on the breakaway site confirming it's still in development

  • @nhilayne said in Twitchcon new's?:

    @forgrimm77 there was a small article posted a few minutes ago on the breakaway site confirming it's still in development

    The article said that it's being put on hiatus indefinitely, which basically means that it's done.

  • @forgrimm77 that's presumptive; it's fairly common for games to go dark after alpha periods to look at and work through data collected during the alpha. Seeing the devs say they're taking time to iterate core mechanics doesn't mean the game is gone.

  • @nhilayne It's also fairly common for projects to go on "indefinite hiatus" and never resume.

  • @forgrimm77 That is true, but from past interactions with the devs of this game, if things were at that point they would openly say so.

  • Regardless, I think for the community, it's important that the devs be transparent and communicative. Best for the consumers; best for the brand. From the recent post, they insinuated that they're working on making changes to the game, and that open testing would resume after those changes are made. Whether that's true or not, we'll have to wait to see, unfortunately.

  • Sorry for my rude English...

    Me and my teammates are SO DISSAPOINTED about these recent news on breakaway...

    We all know that you CAN'T fails the first "Amazon game" you will release ! Especially after hiring big names like you did.

    But I heard you just cancel it and give up everything only because "pro-player" was not specially "into it" "sensitive" at this new game/gameplay.

    So you stop everything only because pro doesn't want it? Did you know the community can MB be stronger in terms of skill than they? like in "leagues of legends" people were horrible at the start, then noname players began big legends...

    Good luck for "finding the one(s)" (games)... Good luck getting REKT by WoW 2 months after the release of "New world" and good luck for "Crucible" Who will be REKT by Quake and U-T players. (or Fps player)

    For I Breakaway was the only "new concept games" you got. the rest is just similar/copy/alike to others big companies.

    Sadly gaming mentality ATM is all about business...

    At least work on your gaming marketing publicity because you are invisible to a lot of people....
    "Amazon? for what? Dildo? Shoes?... Wtf Gaming industry are you kidding me?"

    Guess it's better to doesn't know breakaway exist than dreaming 1years and more for nothing... ;)

    Still hope you say that for making a "Buzz" but no... we all know that this game is already dead and that's making me sad like you can't even imagine...And i know you doenst give a fuck and i will mb the last to speak on this forum.

    Enjoy life everyone.

  • @abstheone Breakaway is coming back and will come back stronger than ever!

  • Let's hope... Like I said to me, it's the only games where they can stand out...

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