Thoughts about Closed Alpha/and Game

  • So yesterday was a weird day for all of us in the community. The devs announced that they want time to iterate the game and change some core aspects about the game behind closed doors for a set period of time. Compare the game shown at twichcon 2016 to the most recent show-matches in Oct 2017 and the game looks like night and day. I'm gonna write some reasons why I think the public alpha never really took off and thus why the devs think the game needs a "core change"

    1. Weekend Playtime: Being available only on weekends was bad because a lot of players probably can't play on weekends. I found myself having to move some stuff around that I had on the weekends just cause I wanted to play breakaway and it was the only time I could play it. If the servers were open 24/7 and maybe go down for a couple of hours for maintenance to apply new patches I feel like that route would've been better for the game.

    2. Installing the Game: It was never an issue for me but weekends would go by and at least 15-20 people each weekend would have trouble installing the game,patching it, getting the twitch app to work properly. It was a mess and moving froward breakaway needs its own launcher to be able to survive or make an Amazon Game Studios launcher with the 3 upcoming titles on it.

    3. Lag: Game is in alpha we understand that or at least the core player base does so the connections will be wonky until we get it right. There were weekends where the game was perfect and others that we're unplayable. Coming to the close in September the final weekends the connections were fairly good overall and I feel like you guys found the formula for good servers!

    The current "Core" of the game is what brought me to love this game and be so passionate about it. Everyone that I personally show this game too think it looks awesome and fun and ask me when they could play etc. We the playerbase have no idea what you guys are looking to change but I'll be the first to say that the relic,goal,warriors is the "core" we want to stay! I think territory wins can be evaluated and looked at maybe finding a different way to win rounds. I have some ideas that I could run by someone to see if it sounds good.

  • I think it would also be nice to have a system similar to the Steam Workshop were fan content or ideas could be added. I'm saying this because the devs always listened to fan feedback or ideas and having a community workshop or something similar would be something that I think all of us fans might like to see. Obviously, gameplay and the game itself come first, but this might be fun in the future.

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