10/13 Breakaway Broadcast - Get Hype!

  • We're having stream on twitch.tv/playbreakaway at 5:00pm today to showcase more characters from the TwitchCon build. I want to focus on the characters didnt get any showtime and of course chat it up with all of you. If you wanted to see anything in particular please drop a line here, hit us up on twitter (www.twitter.com/playbreakaway, www.twitter.com/filthierich) or drop a line in a comment below!

    See you at 5!! <3

  • Ill be there!!!!

  • Actually, being in the UK, that would be about 1am, I have work tomorrow :(

  • I'll be watching from the gym unfortunately so I can't do any streamplus, but I'm just lookin for pro strats so don't hold back, Rich!

  • @FilthieRich I would love to see some good Morgan Le Fay gameplay. We didn't see much of her on the stream, and I only played her a couple of times. I keep saying that I think she can be a super strong character, it's just all about the situation and knowing how to user her.

    Other than that, I don't think we saw much Anne Bonny either.

  • Some alpha codes ;)

    On a serious note I feel as if Anne bonny and morgan we're underplayed during the reveal.

  • FilthieRich showing the best practices with Morgan LeFay!

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