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  • Hey everyone, Kalo's here!
    I need to give a huge thank you to the breakaway team as I was not expecting to be made a moderator in the Twitch channel and I am very grateful for the opportunity to do so. However, now that I've "made it" (is only a joke, pls no madderino) the content grind doesn't stop! I've got a larger article that I've put a LOT of time into hopefully dropping tomorrow, and many more ideas that I can't wait to try out.
    That being said, these are a few questions that I simply couldn't answer without inside information that a developer would have, that didn't get responded to by anyone else either. As there's obviously no guarantee that the developers will want to answer all of these questions at the moment, I'll be jotting down my quick assumptions and thoughts about each in hopes that a dev will clear things up for us where they can!

    I repeat, the answers to these questions are simply my assumptions and thoughts!

    I'll see you all tomorrow with the bigger article and thanks again for the honor of moderator!

    Q: Does armor provide resistance for all basic attacks/skills, or do some have "magic" properties and armor only helps with physical attacks?
    A: The simplest way for this to work would be flat amounts, 30 attack - 20 armor = 10 damage, but because of how the numbers look, I doubt that's what it is. I also don't think there's a difference between physical and magic attacks, especially as there's no magic equivalent to armor.

    Q: Will this game have dedicated servers?
    A: I sure hope so! I've had experience with locally hosted games and I can say that not having dedicated servers is fatal, not only for the competitive scene but for the community as well.

    Q: Can you suggest to the devs for a control that can be mapped to the controller where you can snap the camera to the way your character is facing instead of towards the ball?
    A: I really like this suggestion and will pass it on (through this article haha), although...is that how it works? I'm not sure that your character does face towards the ball like in Rocket League.

    Q: Who is the fastest character when all the speed perks have been purchased?
    A: This is a more complicated question that it may seem. Obviously different warriors have different move speeds (I think Spartacus is probably the fastest? Maybe Alona?) but mobility through dashes and such is also a thing, not to mention special cases like Rawlins who can shoot while moving. That being said, I think the answer you're looking for is indeed Spartacus. Just a guess though!

    Q: Is Rawlins voiced by Dave Fennoy?
    A: I can only guess for this, no idea unfortunately. Sorry!

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Hi Kalo.

    I can answer your question about dedicated servers. Breakaway is built on Amazon GameLift. That means we automatically spin up dedicated game hosts to support our matchmade games. When you matchmake in Breakaway, we try to find other players near you, then host your game on a nearby GameLift site. You and all the other players are equal with no host advantage and hopefully pretty good ping. All this will be invisible and "just happen" for you when you matchmake.

    That's for matchmade online games. We're also looking into the possibility of letting players start their own private matches online (we'd love to hear what you think of that.)

  • Amazon Game Studios


    I can answer your armor question, the calculation looks like this

    damage_taken = max( (incoming_damage * defender_reduction_percent) - defender_armor, 10 damage).

    Given this example, say a Spartacus does 100 damage per attack. If he were to hit a Black Knight with 20 armor, Black Knight would take 80 damage (100 damage - 20 armor). If Black Knight instead had 100 armor, he would take 10 damage, due to an attack has to do at least 10 damage, (100 damage - 100 armor = 0 damage; max(0 damage, 10 damage) = 10 damage;)

    If we look at those same cases, but we add that Black Knight was being healed by Alona's Radiance ability, (which gives a 50% damage reduction) the numbers would look like this. In the first case, with Black Knight having 20 armor, he would take 30 damage (100 damage * 0.5 reduction_percent - 20 armor). In the other case, if Black Knight had 100 armor, he would still take only 10 damage ( 100 damage * 0.5 reduction_percent - 100 armor = -50 damage; max(-50 damage, 10 damage) = 10 damage; )

    I hope this clears up how armor works. Also, there is no difference between magic and physical damage. It is all just damage.

  • Amazon Game Studios

    @Kalology said in Unanswered Twitch Chat Questions:

    Q: Can you suggest to the devs for a control that can be mapped to the controller where you can snap the camera to the way your character is facing instead of towards the ball?
    A: I really like this suggestion and will pass it on (through this article haha), although...is that how it works? I'm not sure that your character does face towards the ball like in Rocket League.

    There is indeed a binding to face the relic. Middle mouse button or, X/Blue/Button 4 depending on your controller are the current mappings. The idea of having a binding that snaps the camera back behind your character is an interesting one and something we can certainly consider. Controller mappings are constantly being iterated on due to how few buttons there are though. :D

  • Amazon Game Studios

    Hey Kalo, thanks for gathering these questions. And thanks everyone for participating in the stream! Below are answers to the remaining questions:

    Armor: Armor does work as a flat calculation i.e. if you have 10 armor it will take 10 damage off any attack (basic or abilities). There is no concept of physical versus magic damage, so armor works on every attack. Armor is great against faster low damage attacks, while damage reduction (which is % based) works great for high damage attacks.

    Controls: Controls are something we are always working to improve. Based on some feedback from Twitchcon we are doing some experiments to improve controls that I think will address this feedback. Stay tuned!

    Fastest: In terms of raw speed, four of the current warriors all run at 10.5 m/s, the current top speed -> Spartacus, Anne Bonny, Rawlins, and Morgan Le Fay. Our slowest warrior is Black Knight at 8.0 m/s. But as you said mobility also comes from abilities, so Spartacus and Rawlins are probably our two overall fastest characters.

    Rawlins: Yes, it is Dave Fennoy. I’m glad someone recognized him, he’s awesome! I'll work with Rich and Adam and see if we can get Andrew, our sound lead, to do a quick post on all our VO talent sometime.

  • Gratz on the promotion! ;)

  • Wasn't this a fun little read..... pengu out

  • @mpriest I LOVE the idea of private matches!

  • @mpriest The nearby GameLift server situation sounds amazing. That's an amazing way to alleviate the big issue of high ping for many players.

    How this part of matchmaking function when players get into higher tiers and there are not as many players around them who are at the same MMR? Will the servers basically just web out until they find a match? Just like starting at the players' location and then moving outwards?

  • @mpriest having private matches is going to be super important for tournament play, at least by release, hopefully even sometime in beta.

    Super happy to hear about the servers. In the future, because the very top and bottom % of players typically have longer matchmaking times, implementing some sort of balance for this to sort of "flatten out" those peaks would be awesome as well.

  • @BelirDarkstone Thank you so much for this reply, this is as clear as it could be.

    What else is there to say, I assume you're a developer, they need to hook you up with orange text on your account!

  • @BelirDarkstone this was my question in the chat. Thanks a ton for clearing that up for me!

  • @mpriest That's great to hear about the servers, GameLift. It would be great to be able to host private matches. There are many uses for that. For team practice, streamers being able to play with subs/viewers, being able to play to not affect rank (I'm assuming there are ranked matches), etc. So I hope to see private matches as an option in the future. Thank you so much for getting back to us on this.

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