Are there any plans for UI customization option?

  • Are there any plans for UI customization like moving, adding and resizing in game hero, map and skill icons?

  • Amazon Game Studios

    To be clear, the current focus of Metastream is enhancing the experience for broadcasters and viewers specifically. At the moment, Metastream is focused on adding customizable overlays to a broadcaster's stream; not actually changing anything on the UI in the Breakaway game itself. The idea is that a broadcaster when playing the game still has a full, unobstructed view of everything going on, but they have the ability to overlay/side-by-side/etc. stats & overlays, driven by data from the game, in their outgoing stream.

    That being said, we're definitely all ears in terms of in-game UI tweaks and what not that people would find interesting or useful.

  • Yes, a ridiculous amount actually. I recommend you go watch the Amazon Unboxing event as it talks in depth about that specifically.

    That can be found here:

  • Cool.
    Hope they succeed in implementing all the good ideas.

  • You can even read up a little more about it here, Metastream.

  • Oo! I'm going to chat it up with some of our UI masters here in chat! Thanks for starting the thread:)

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