Hoping for the Alpha in time for Extra Life

  • I'm not sure how to title this as this really is just a hope. It's not a request or a question. I'm not sure if I should even put this in general or comments & feedback

    I know, I know no announcement of the Alpha. But I am participating in Extra Life this year, November 5th. For anyone not familiar with it, Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming charity marathon in which I aim to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. This is my third time participating. You can find more info here www.extra-life.org

    What I am trying to say, although you guys have been amazingly tight lipped on the Alpha I really do hope it opens up before November 5th or even that weekend. It would be an absolute joy for me to be able to bring Breakaway to my viewers for this event. Not only being able to raise money for charity, but to be doing it with a game I really did enjoy my entire weekend at Twitch Con. My viewers loved the gameplay and stream I was able to present them while there.

    So here's to hoping guys. Thank you.

    You can find me on twitter at www.twitter.com/missdjm and watch me on twitch at www.twitch.tv/missdjm and my Extra Life Charity Page

  • This would be awesome! Extra Life is a huge viewer spike for Twitch, so I think that it would be wise for AGSOC to work the alpha into some sort of huge peak in Twitch viewership so we can get more people curious and excited about this wonderful game.

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