Alpha Coin/Code Access Question

  • After the (HYPE) announcement was just made on stream about the Alpha date being 12/15 I wanted to know how granting access works. I was under the assumption that those with codes and the top 5000 in stream+ will be guaranteed access, but also see that it says "Access granted in order of registration."

    So if people were to enter codes from a coin like today or tomorrow, will they still have priority over those who just sign up on the waitlist reguarly? If so when will that be cut off?


  • "If you went to TwitchCon, and you have an Alpha Coin, you are guaranteed access on 12/15. If you participated in Stream+ and were one of the top 5000 participants, you are also guaranteed access. So those groups are guaranteed. We will also be taking people form the wait list as we can-- first come first serve basis-- so go to"

    This the exact quote from the stream. Can we get a confirmation from the dev team about top 5000 also being guaranteed access on 12/15? Hard to know when they didn't throw the date on the second sentence as well.

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    Everyone who has an alpha coin or was in the top 5,000 in Stream+ will get access to the alpha on 12/15. Order of registration only matters for players who don't have either of those. And even those players we will try to get in as a soon as possible, we want a lot of people playing and providing feedback.

  • @Zin_Ramu can you give us a date on when the top 5000 will be receiving their keys, and how?

    Also, there seems to be no way to guarantee one person has confirmed a code as their own. This is a big thing in the friday streams, where codes are simply put in chat, up for grabs. If multiple people input the same code, there's nothing telling either of them who got the code, and in some cases, apparently the codes keep saved in the "registered" button for both players.

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